ICALP - A Ph.D. in Animal Law

ICALP - Doctorado en Derecho Animal

The ICALP (International Center for Animal Law and Policy) of the UAB offers the only Doctorate in Animal Law and Animal Welfare Law

What is a Ph.D. in Animal Law?
The objective of the Ph.D. Program is to support and encourage individuals with an interest in Animal Law in the development of interdisciplinary knowledge and skills in preparation for a career in Animal Law, Animal Welfare Law, or a related Animal Law Studies.

How does it contribute to the progress of legal research?
The ICALP Ph.D. Program integrates Animal Law into the core of the advancement of Animal Welfare and environmental sciences, challenging legal research. The animal and its environment gives legal reflection an innovative dimension, which allows new hypotheses to be considered in research, as demanded by global society.

Which is the difference with others Ph.D. Programs?
The Health Policy concentration is designed to train leaders in the field of Animal Welfare policies and Animal Law. Ph.D. candidates are prepared for positions in a variety of settings, including work in an Animal Law or Animal Welfare section of a law firm; positions in local, state, and international government; research or advocacy jobs in nongovernmental organizations; or posts in academia.



Research lines:

1. Animal Law

Pre-registration period : From 1 April to 30 May

Maximum RESOLUTION by the Doctoral School: 28 June



2. Global Animal Law application and development strategies

Pre-registration periods:

  • From 18 June to 31 July Maximum RESOLUTION by the Doctoral School: October 1
  • From 1 October to 15 October Maximum RESOLUTION by the Doctoral School: October 31st
  • From 1 November to 16 November Maximum RESOLUTION by the Doctoral School: December 18


Doctorado en Derecho Animal


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