Respecting animals

Working Doctoral Group
Aula 1, Facultat de Dret, UAB

Organized by: ICALP, Aula de Doctorandos

Speaker: Prof. David Favre (State University of Michigan)


The title of this "Working Doctoral Group", open to all Scholars and PhD candidates of Law and Animal Welfare Sciences, corresponds to the latest book published by Prof. David Favre, who is one of the pioneers of Animal Law. Each book of him is an alert to rethink the relationship Human-Animals.

It is not the presentation of a book, but the proper title and subtitle of the book, which will be the starting point and the common thread of the presentation and the discussion with the assistants, constitutes a whole Program: "Respecting Animals. A Balanced Approach to our Relationship with Pets, Food and Wildlife".

Our relationship with animals raises many possible responses and attitudes, which not only the law can face, because they concern the ethics of our behaviour, as well as public policies for animal protection.

With this meeting with a world-renowned and respected author, we would like to contribute from ICALP to promote the interdisciplinary dialogue that is always so necessary for intellectual growth and the development of critical thinking.

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Respecting animals


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