ICALP Researcher Marine Lercier will present a contribution at the ADDCDA Conference (University Toulouse I Capitole)

ICALP Researcher and UAB Faculty of Law PhD Candidate Marine Lercier will present a contribution on the legal status and protection of animals used in sports for economic purposes at the ADDCDA Conference on October 11th, 2018, at Uni. Toulouse I Capitole
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Amphitéâtre Isaac (MI V) - Université Toulouse I Capitole - Manufacture des Tabacs - 21 allée de Brienne - 31000 Toulouse - France
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On October 11th, 2018, the Association of PhD Candidates and Doctors of the Business Law Center (“Association des Doctorants et Docteurs du Centre de Droit des Affaires”), created on May 29th, 2017, to disseminate legal knowledge through the organization of scientific manifestations, will hold at the Capitole I University of Toulouse in France (“Université Toulouse I Capitole”), a Conference on the theme “Sport and Business Law” presented by the President of the Association, Tamara Dupuy.

Speakers from French and international universities will gather to intervene during this session that will take place in the afternoon. The legal apprehension of sports and the special legal regime of sports companies will be reviewed through the perspectives of Labor Law, Criminal Law, Tax Law, and… Animal Law!

Being invited to participate in a scientific manifestation on the theme of Sports and Business Law to discuss the protection and legal consideration of animals in the ambit of human economic activities and sports is a victory for all Animal Law experts and enthusiasts and for the Autonomous University of Barcelona’s pioneering role in promoting and supporting Animal Law studies and research, by hosting the first Master in Animal Law and Society of all Europe, offering 4th year Law students an Animal Welfare Law course, and being home to the International Center for Animal Law and Policy (ICALP).

ICALP and UAB Faculty of Law PhD Candidate and Researcher Marine Lercier has been selected among other candidates to present her contribution on the welfare and legal protection of animals used in sports. Her communication will deal with the subject in light of the recent and progressive evolution of the juridical status of animals in Europe and in France, as regards its specific impact and potential effects on the legal framework within which the company that uses animals to take part in competitions operates its economic activity. Current flaws affecting the juridical regime of “animal athletes” that call for adjustments will be underlined.

This research is part of the broader “Legal status of animals: development and policies” ICALP’s project financed by MINECO (DER2015-69314-P) under supervision of Director T. Giménez-Candela. It reflects the day-to-day efforts conducted by the team of ICALP researchers to highlight to the lack of coherency of the laws pertaining to the status of animals which undermines the efficacy of their protection, and their will to propose theoretical and practical solutions to remedy it. This work furthermore demonstrates the interdisciplinary approach privileged by the center to study human-animal relations in society.




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