Equine Welfare Congress UAB 2018

Universitad Autónoma de Barcelona. Hotel Exe Campus Edificio Blanc -Vila - 08193 Cerdanyola del Vallès
Congreso Bienestar Equino

At present, an increase in awareness of animal welfare is being generated from different areas of society and this approach is also being shown in the equestrian world. That is why this conference is designed to offer a transversal theoretical framework from which we can unify criteria, share experiences and develop bases for the future of equine welfare.

The enhancement of equine welfare from a scientific perspective, based on the physical, mental, social level of the horse, as well as its management and environment, offers us the opportunity to improve; the motivation of horse-rider, safety, health and sustainability of the equestrian sector.

All the benefits of the event will be allocated to Equine Protection Projects and Equine Wellness Projects and Research.


Bienestar equino


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