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Yes. We must direct ourselves to the establishment where we received the accreditation documentation of the sale and demand money back, as animals should be sold without diagnosable hereditary illnesses. Search in the database: “pet”; “sale”, “zoological group” or “breeders”. Also, the Código Civil (Civil Code) regulates this situation in a generic way:

Real Decreto de 24 de julio de 1.889 código civil In case of… more

Identify the animal. Search in the database: “pets”; “identification”;
Register the animal. Search in the database: “pets”; “registry”
Provide the health card and provide all the vaccines and treatments deemed mandatory. Search in the database: “pets”; “animal health”; “vaccination”
Concerning a dog that… more
You must take into account that ownership of any animal classified as potentially dangerous requires the prior obtainment of an administrative license, which must be provided by the Municipal Government. To obtain the license for the ownership of potentially dangerous animals the following are required:

To be of adult age

To obtain a certificate of your criminal record

To not have been sentenced for previous infractions relating to the ownership of potentially… more
The movement of pets is regulated by community and national health regulations which guarantee the animals’ health and the health of people. It is important to verify that the animal meets all the requirements detailed in the instructions, as incompliance would lead to the immobilization of the animal in quarantine installations or in their re-expedition to their country of origin. In general, animals should be accompanied by their owners or representatives, with the European passport, if… more

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