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Inflicting mutilation on pets such as removing nails/claws, vocal cords, the tail or other parts or organs, except in operations performed with veterinary assistance in the case of therapeutic necessity, to guarantee its health or in order to limit or stop its reproductive capacity, is prohibited. Search in the database: “pets”; “prohibitions”.
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This topic has been considered in municipal ordinances with regards to the ownership of animals in each locality. (Search in the database, level 2, the Ordinances dictated in provincial capitals in the Spanish state). Some ordinances prohibit supplying food to cats that live on the street and others approve them if… more
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As a general rule, animals are not allowed on the metro or autobuses in urban, with the exception of guide- and assistance-dogs. (Search in the database: “guide- and assistance=dogs), or small animals, whenever these are carried in animal carriers and do not cause problems. Depending on the locality, there are… more

Yes. When booking the ticket as a passenger, inform the provider that you are travelling with your dog or cat (or ferret). The company will assign an appropriate place so that your pet can accompany you on the trip, whether it is in the cabin or in the baggage hold. On the travel date you must bring all the necessary… more
Yes, you can travel with your pet as long as the passenger presents beforehand the animal’s health card, as in the other cases. The transport of animals will take place in the spaces of the shapes specifically designed for them, with the exception of guide- and assistance-dogs, which may accompany the passenger at all moments, (Search in database: “guide- and assistance-dogs”) or as a general rule when the animal is of a small size, in which case, it case travel with the passengers in the cabin… more
Yes, you can travel with your pet by train, respecting the conditions that the company establishes especially. For example, in Spain, RENFE admits the transport of animals, which will have to go provided with the primer of health, which maximum weight does not exceed 6 kg, with the exception of the dogs - guides or assistance, which they can accompany the passenger on independence of the weight of the animal. To see in database: " dogs he guides and of assistance ".

Article 56,3, c) of the municipal ordinance of the Municipal Government of Barcelona (December 22, 2003), about the “Protección tenencia y venta de animales” (“Protection, ownership and sale of animals”) considers amongst the serious infractions “to allow domestic animals to effect their urination on building facades… more
No. Keeping dogs tied for most of the day or limiting their necessary movement in a lasting manner is prohibited. Search in the database: “pets”; “dogs”; “mistreatment”; “prohibitions”. You must report this type of situation to the responsible public authorities. Search in the database: “abandonment”; “punishment”; “penal code”.
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Below the following questions will be answered:

Do I have to file a report if I witness a case of animal mistreatment?

How can one make a report for animal mistreatment?

Two types of reports can be made, depending on the acts committed: denuncia administrativa (administrative report) and denuncia penal (criminal report).


The most effective way of notifying the responsible organ of an administrative infraction with… more
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Animal mistreatment, depending on the severity, is an infracción administrativa (administrative infraction), a falta (misdemeanor) or a delito (crime). Search in the database: “mistreatment” “sanctions/punishment”; “penal code”. You must report the case, directly or through an animal protection society.… more
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In general, owning an exotic animal is not recommended, as a great number of these animals come from a natural environment and the conditions of their adaptation are very severe, and some of these are in danger of extinction, as such it is very important to take into account the legal requirements for ownership and… more
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Acquiring a pet must be a responsibility. In case that there is a real motive of force majeure that justifies this decision, you must take into account that the abandonment of animals constitutes an administrative infraction, serious or not, according to the laws of animal protection in each of the Autonomous Communities. Search in the database: “abandonment”; “punishment”.

The act can also be a criminal act according to the current Código Penal (penal code) if it puts the life of… more

Currently, it is possible to insure the dog. Moreover, if your dog is one of the following breeds, it is mandatory that it be insured: American Staffordshire Terrier, Pit Bull Terrier, Bullmastiff, Doberman, Dogo Argentino, Dogue de Bordeaux, Tibetan Mastiff, Fila Brasileiro, Neapolitan Mastiff, Presa Canario, Presa… more
Apart from that which you can do on your own (making posters, announcements, contacting Animal Protection Associations, etc.) you should contact either the local police or the collection entity for abandoned pet animals in your area. Search in the database: “animal collection”. It is essential that the animal be identified so that the animal can be recovered more easily. Search in the database: “pets”; “identification”
No. Giving away an animal as a prize, compensation, reward or compensation gift is prohibited. Search in the database: “pets”; “prohibitions”
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La Ordenanza sobre la protección, tenencia y venta de los animales (The Ordinance on the protection, ownership and sale of animals), agreed by Consejo Plenario del Ayuntamiento de Barcelona el 22-12-2003 (the Plenary Council of the Municipal Government of Barcelona on 22/12/2003), establishes in article 15.2.f that animals cannot be habitually housed on balconies, inner patios or in vehicles. ( Animal ordinance)

As such… more
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Given the current oversaturation of abandoned animals and our respect for individual choice notwithstanding, we advise that you adopt one. You can do this in a municipal collection center or centers managed by animal protection societies. Search in the database: “animal collection”; “animal protection associations”. In… more
The person holding the animal, without affecting the subsidiary responsible of the owner, is responsible for damages, harm or troubles it may cause to other persons, other animals, objects, public spaces and thoroughfares, and to the environment in general, in accordance with the legislation established in applicable civil legislation (article 1905 of the Civil Code): ):Real Decreto de 24 de julio de 1.889 código civil . Search in the… more
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As of October 2004, to travel with a pet to countries in the EU and third party countries which accept them, it is necessary to have an EU passport for the pet. This has a unique number (ISO code of each country) with the information about the owner, DNI (National Identification Number), address, city of residence and country. It also includes the name, the species, sex, breed, age, the animal’s electronic identification number and the vaccines which the animal has received. These are created… more

Yes, individual identification (implantation of homologous subcutaneous microchip/tattoo) is mandatory and has to be performed by a veterinarian. Search in the database: “pets”; “identification”; “veterinarian”. Identification is very important, especially for cases involving lost pet animals. Every… more
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The municipality is responsible for the collection of abandoned animals. Search in the database: “animal collection”. You should alert the Municipal Government or local police upon finding an animal so that they can proceed to identify it using their means, or alert a veterinarian or enter the animal into a center for… more

Effective as of January 1, 2009, the placing on the market of cat and dog furs as well as all products which contain them is prohibited in the European Union (Regulation (EC) No 1523/2007 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 11 December 2007 banning the placing on the market and the import to, or export… more
The collection of deceased animals is the responsibility of the municipal government, so you must contact the Municipal Government. Search in the database: “animal collection”
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Yes, the Ordinance on the use of public spaces and thoroughfares in Barcelona, agreed on by the Plenary Council of the Municipal Government, establishes in article 63.1.e that participating in abusive, discriminatory of degrading practices towards persons or animals in the public thoroughfares of Barcelona constitutes an infraction, carrying with it a fine up to 1,800 Euros, considering the gravity of the infraction (more
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Veterinarians, just like doctors, can commit malpractice. As such one can demand that they face their civil responsibility. Malpractice can derive from errors in the diagnosis, deficiencies in the pharmacological, immunotherapy or surgical treatment, the prevention and control of illnesses, etc which can cause harm,… more

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