Is it mandatory that my dog/cat/ferret be identified and entered into the censo (registry)?

Yes, individual identification (implantation of homologous subcutaneous microchip/tattoo) is mandatory and has to be performed by a veterinarian. Search in the database: “pets”; “identification”; “veterinarian”. Identification is very important, especially for cases involving lost pet animals. Every microchip contains a numeric code which identifies the animal and its owner. When a veterinary clinic, animal collection center, or the public authorities receive a lost animal, the first thing they must do is identify the animal using a microchip reader so that they can contact the owner/holder. In the case when the animal does not have identification, the recovery of the pet animal is slower and more difficult and it is possible that they will never find the animal‘s owner. After identifying the animal, it must be registered in the Municipal government of residence, within a concrete period from its birth or acquisition as established by the laws of animal protection in the Autonomous Community which holds responsibility.

Additionally, any change in ownership, address, etc. must be advised to the relevant authorities. Search in the database: “pets”; “registration”. This information is stored centrally in the general animal registries in each Autonomous Community. Search in the database: “registration”. The lack of identification and entry in the registry constitute an administration infraction whose incompliance includes a fine. Search in the database: “identification”; “registry”; “punishment”.
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