I live in Barcelona, and a little while ago I was given a dog and I already have one. The two are quite big and they do not fit in my flat. Can I keep one of these on the balcony which would allow them both to live with enough spacious?

La Ordenanza sobre la protección, tenencia y venta de los animales (The Ordinance on the protection, ownership and sale of animals), agreed by Consejo Plenario del Ayuntamiento de Barcelona el 22-12-2003 (the Plenary Council of the Municipal Government of Barcelona on 22/12/2003), establishes in article 15.2.f that animals cannot be habitually housed on balconies, inner patios or in vehicles. ( Animal ordinance)

As such, you should not habitually keep a dog on a balcony. This is an issue that should be analyzed before accepting a dog on future occasions. In other circumstances, we would recommend that if the second dog does not fit that you try to get in contact with one of the numerous animal protection societies in Barcelona, but the problem is that, unfortunately, the protectors are oversaturated. Many times they even have to reject the admission of new dogs against their own will. As such, if the dog does not fit within your house and animal protection societies continue being oversaturated we recommend that you get into contact with someone who can take care of the dog, someone who has more space, as this is the most important for the welfare of the dog.
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