I can no longer take care of my pet. What can I do?

Acquiring a pet must be a responsibility. In case that there is a real motive of force majeure that justifies this decision, you must take into account that the abandonment of animals constitutes an administrative infraction, serious or not, according to the laws of animal protection in each of the Autonomous Communities. Search in the database: “abandonment”; “punishment”.

The act can also be a criminal act according to the current Código Penal (penal code) if it puts the life of an animal in danger (article 631.2 of the Penal Code): Ley Orgánica 10/1995 código penal

In these cases, the best advice is to find another person who can take care of the animal with all its attendant responsibilities or to contact an animal protection society which can manage its adoption. Search in the database: “animal protection associations”.

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