I am thinking of acquiring an exotic pet. What should I know?

In general, owning an exotic animal is not recommended, as a great number of these animals come from a natural environment and the conditions of their adaptation are very severe, and some of these are in danger of extinction, as such it is very important to take into account the legal requirements for ownership and sale. The owner/holder of an exotic animal is responsible for the animal for its entire life and as such must assume the responsibilities and obligations derived thereof (welfare, state of health, control of the animal and legal responsibility towards third parties).

In general, the holder of wild animal or of an exotic pet whose ownership is permitted and that, due to their nature, can cause damage to persons, to other animals, to objects, to public spaces and thoroughfares, or to the natural environment must be kept in captivity in a manner that guarantees the necessary safety precautions. You must take into account that in no case is it allowed to free this type of exotic animal into the wild. Additionally, they cannot be exhibited or taken into public spaces and thoroughfares and owners must have an insurance policy of civil responsibility.

Search in the database: “exotic animal”; “wild animal”; “CITES”, as well as the following regulations about the commerce and ownership of species protected according to CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora):

Regulation no. 338/97 CITES

Resolution of June 17, 2009 CITES

Royal Decree 1333.2006 species destination CITES

And those who refer, at Statal level, to potentially dangerous animals:

Law 50/1999 potentially dangerous animals

Royal Decree 287/2002 potentially dangerous animals
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