Can you spread sulfur to prevent dogs from urinating?

Article 56,3, c) of the municipal ordinance of the Municipal Government of Barcelona (December 22, 2003), about the “Protección tenencia y venta de animales” (“Protection, ownership and sale of animals”) considers amongst the serious infractions “to allow domestic animals to effect their urination on building facades or on urban furnishings”. However, this regulation which pet owners are sometimes lax in complying with, has its counterpoint in the regulations about the pouring of potentially contaminating elements in the environment which are dangerous to health (also to dogs’ health) which are expressly prohibited or limited (articles 96 and 97, Ordenança General del Medi Ambient Urbà de 26.3.1999/General Ordinance of Urban Environment of March 26, 1999), among which are included bleach, sulfur, nitric acid and others, enumerated without intending to be exhaustive, in the same Ordinance. It is clear that in this case of a clash of interests among those citizens that do not have pets and wish to live in a clean environment cannot transgress the protection of interests which are superior to mere individual interests. Civility begins with respectful behavior in all areas. In the Municipal governments of many German cities (Cologne, for example) where one must pay a tax in order to own domestic animals, free and mandatory classes are provided for pets and their owners. In these classes basic rules of urban behavior are learned and information is provided about the legislation that everyone (owners, animals, vigilance agents) must fulfill. This is a good initiative: information against incivility, respect against barbarity.

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