Can I travel in a plane with my pet?

Yes. When booking the ticket as a passenger, inform the provider that you are travelling with your dog or cat (or ferret). The company will assign an appropriate place so that your pet can accompany you on the trip, whether it is in the cabin or in the baggage hold. On the travel date you must bring all the necessary information about the health of the animal and identification documentation, including the vaccination card. In any case, guide-dogs and assistance-dogs can accompany the passenger in the cabin of the plane during the flight without any charges. Search in the database: “guide- and assistance-dogs”. However, you must keep in mind the national regulations about assistance-dogs if you travel to a country other than Spain, as the regulations may require that the assistance-dog travels in the baggage hold. If you travel in the European Union, you must bring the European animal passport provided by a veterinarian which contains all the information with regards to vaccines and the animal’s state of health.

Search in the database: “pets”; “passport”; “animal transport”; “vaccination”. If you take an international flight, you will have to keep in mind the special requirements that each country requires. We recommend that you consult a veterinarian and/or the consulate of the country of destination.

Also, we suggest that you consult the following information provided by AENA (Spanish Airports and Airspace):

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