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Keywords Type Scope Place Date Title
Theft, Companion animals / Pets, Dogs, Criminal Code Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Ávila 24/02/2017 2246.pdf51.57 KB SAP Avila 27/2017. Apropiación indebida
Production animals, Damages, CIVIL LIABILITY, Dogs Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Cáceres 22/02/2017 2247.pdf64.2 KB SAP Cáceres 37/2017. Daños perros
Animal Farm, Civil code Legislation Autonomous Communities Cataluña 22/02/2017 2279.pdf515.06 KB Ley 3_17 Cc Cataluña coop.explotaciones ganaderas
Dogs, Injuries, CIVIL LIABILITY, Damages Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Salamanca 21/02/2017 2259.pdf74.14 KB SAP Salamanca 82/2017. Lesiones perro
Production animals, CIVIL LIABILITY, Damages Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Pontevedra 16/02/2017 2257.pdf79.57 KB SAP Pontevedra 78/17. Responsabilidad atropello
Dogs, Abandonment, CONTENTIOUS ADMINISTRATIVE PROCEEDINGS, Captivity, Collection/ Capture animals, Feral dogs Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Valladolid 15/02/2017 2270.pdf76.94 KB STSJ Valladolid 189/2017. Contratación pública recogida perros
Owners of animals, Companion animals / Pets, Dogs, Possesor or keeper Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Las Palmas de G.Canaria 14/02/2017 2248.pdf58.91 KB SAP Las Palmas de Gran Canaria 113/2017. Propiedad perro
Keeping of animals, Companion animals / Pets Legislation Municipal Cáceres 13/02/2017 2271.pdf520.72 KB Ordenanza Ayto Berrocalejo de Animales compañía 2017
CONTENTIOUS ADMINISTRATIVE PROCEEDINGS, Abandonment, Domestic animals, Animal Collection Center Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Valladolid 10/02/2017 2269.pdf80.5 KB STSJ Valladolid 184/2017. Contratación pública. Recogida perros
Dogs, FRAUD, Sale Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Valladolid 08/02/2017 2263.pdf57.1 KB SAP Valladolid 40/17.Estafa internet
Companion animals / Pets, Keeping of animals Legislation Municipal Guadalajara 07/02/2017 2272.pdf180.47 KB Ordenanza Ayto Siguenza tenencia animales 2017
Criminal Code, Hunting, Offenses and Crime, Wild fauna Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Oviedo 07/02/2017 2254.pdf56.51 KB SAP Oviedo 34/2017. Caza ilegal
Legislation International International law 05/02/2017 2215.pdf1.05 MB Constitución Política Ciudad de México (2017)
Rooster, Offenses and Crime, Criminal Code Jurisprudence International Internacional 01/02/2017 2274.pdf476.28 KB Sentencia Colombia C041/17. Delito contra animales
Wild fauna Legislation International Internacional 20/01/2017 2230.pdf923.55 KB Reglamento (UE) 2017/128, protección especies fauna y floras silvestres mediante control comercio
Fishing, Production animals Jurisprudence International Internacional 17/01/2017 2275.pdf1.22 MB Sentencia langostas.Italia 2017
Legislation Municipal Zamora 13/01/2017 2236.pdf67.75 KB Ordenanza municipal reguladora tenencia perros en municipio Roales del Pan
Civil code Legislation International International law 06/01/2017 2280.pdf2.58 MB Ley 1774, 06-01-17 Colombia seres sintientes
Horses, Criminal Code, Damages, Domestic animals Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Madrid 30/12/2016 2216.pdf63.52 KB SAP Madrid 819/2016. Antigua falta 631CP
Threaten, Feral animals, Criminal Code, Offenses and Crime, Cats Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Madrid 29/12/2016 2217.pdf65.71 KB SAP Madrid nº 694/16. Delito leve amenazas
Hunting, CIVIL LIABILITY, Civil code, Wild animals, Damages Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Lugo 28/12/2016 2218.pdf54.55 KB SAP Lugo 510/16. Irrupción animal salvaje calzada
CIVIL LIABILITY, Domestic animals, Civil code Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities León 27/12/2016 2219.pdf65.06 KB SAP León 406/2016. Irrupción animal doméstico calzada
Hunting, Civil code, Wild animals, Damages Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Ávila 22/12/2016 2220.pdf58.1 KB SAP Ávila 488/2016. Irrupción animal salvaje a la calzada (ciervo)
Damages, Wild animals, CIVIL LIABILITY Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities A Coruña 21/12/2016 2223.pdf66.03 KB SAP A Coruña 427/16. Colisión con animal en autopista
Registry, Offenses and Crime, Production animals, Animal Farm Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Huesca 21/12/2016 2221.pdf81.93 KB SAP Huesca 155/16. Responsabilidad titular explotación ganadera

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