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Keywords Type Scope Place Date Title
Dogs Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Barcelona 04/05/2011 2159.pdf45.3 KB SAP Barcelona 224/11 Daños residencia canina
Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Barcelona 07/05/2013 1109.pdf31.57 KB Sentencia AP Barcelona; responsabilidad civil animales en carretera
Damages, Wild animals, Hunting, CIVIL LIABILITY, Hunting ground Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Burgos 20/12/2016 2224.pdf70.82 KB SAP Burgos 447/2016. Atropello animal salvaje
Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Madrid 05/04/2013 1175.pdf31.66 KB Sentencia AP Madrid; responsabilidad civil 1905 CC
Dogs, Injuries, Criminal Code Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Burgos 01/12/2015 1900.pdf31.44 KB SAP Burgos nº 464/2015. Falta del art. 631 CP
Dogs, Criminal Code, Damages, Injuries Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Madrid 06/03/2015 1574.pdf26.63 KB SAP Madrid 187/2015. Falta contra los intereses generales, mordedura de perro
Criminal Code, Companion animals / Pets, Domestic animals, Dogs, Mistreatment of animals Jurisprudence National Lugo 12/04/2000 524.doc29.5 KB Falta maltrato a animales domésticos
Hunting, Offenses and Crime, Wild fauna, Criminal Code, Species Jurisprudence National Teruel 10/11/1997 844.doc34.5 KB delito fauna salvaje
Mistreatment of animals, Production animals, Lechones Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Almería 18/01/2018 SAP 16-2018 Almería.pdf84.77 KB SAP 16/2018 Almería
Animal health Jurisprudence National Madrid 13/02/2013 1067.pdf46.36 KB Sentencia TS, Resolución de la Conselleria de Agricultura, Pesca y Alimentación (Comunidad Valenciana)
Domestic animals, Offenses and Crime, Mistreatment of animals, Criminal Code Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Oviedo 15/03/2016 2038.pdf32.34 KB SAP Oviedo nº 145/2016. Delito maltrato contra animal doméstico
Domestic animals, Damages, CIVIL LIABILITY Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Pontevedra 06/04/2016 2114.pdf32.78 KB SAP Pontevedra nº 181/16. Responsabilidad civil
Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Oviedo 01/04/2015 1649.pdf39.55 KB SJ Oviedo 35/2015 competencia desleal de una fundación
CIVIL LIABILITY, Dogs Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Burgos 11/05/2015 1713.pdf37.81 KB SAP Burgos 201/2015, de 11 de mayo
Zoos, Authorization, Wild animals Jurisprudence European Union EU Court 09/12/2010 924.pdf73.24 KB parques zoológicos
Horses, Mistreatment of animals Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Islas Baleares 30/04/2015 1791.pdf184.54 KB S. Jdo. Penal 7 Palma de Mallorca 173/2015
Damages, Wild animals Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities A Coruña 07/07/2015 1857.pdf36.19 KB SAP Coruña nº 251/2015. Responsabilidad extracontractual
Theft, Criminal Code, Owners of animals Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Zaragoza 12/03/2014 1401.pdf35.26 KB SAP Z 494/2014; Sustracción de un perro. Delito de robo con fuerza en las cosas
Wild animals, CONTENTIOUS ADMINISTRATIVE PROCEEDINGS Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Granada 18/04/2016 2125.pdf37.13 KB STSJ Andalucía nº 1030/16. Infracción Ley Flora y Fauna Silvestres
Domestic animals, Companion animals / Pets, Offenses and Crime, Mistreatment of animals Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities A Coruña 11/11/2016 2192.pdf31.11 KB SAP A Coruña 639/2016. Delito maltrato animal (perro)
Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Oviedo 18/04/2013 1141.pdf33.34 KB Sentencia AP Oviedo; responsabilidad civil animales en carretera
Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Madrid 14/03/2013 1211.pdf148.51 KB STC 69/2013; contra Ley Biodiversidad
Sale, FRAUD, Weapons, Criminal Code Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Castilla y León 10/07/2015 1867.pdf31.84 KB SAP León nº 388/2015. Delito de estafa
Owner of cattle farm, Production animals, Breeders, Animal Farm, Owners of pig establishments Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Barcelona 25/01/2016 1932.pdf49.74 KB SAP Barcelona nº 15/2016. Responsabilidad civil. Daños explotación porcina.
Wild fauna, Hunting, Offenses and Crime Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Comunidad Valenciana 10/04/2014 1542.pdf31.46 KB SAP Castellón 155/2014; caza no selectiva

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