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Keywords Type Scope Place Date Title
Dogs, CIVIL LIABILITY Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities León 01/09/2015 1821.pdf30.37 KB SAP León 415/15 Falta animales feroces
Hunting ground, Hunting, Weapons Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Madrid 09/09/2015 1854.pdf45.12 KB STSJ Madrid 556/2015. Infracción Ley de Caza
Authorization, Weapons, Wild animals Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Castilla y León 13/07/2015 1886.pdf36.04 KB STSJ Valladolid nº 1647/2015 (contencioso). Uso indebido armas y otros
Criminal Code, Mistreatment of animals, Offenses and Crime Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Zamora 10/12/2015 1919.pdf32.95 KB SAP Zamora nº 109/2015. Delito maltrato del art. 337 CP
Hunting, Wild animals, Weapons Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Oviedo 29/01/2016 1951.pdf35.17 KB STSJ Oviedo (contencioso) nº 46/2016.Infracción Ley de Caza de Asturias
Criminal Code, Injuries, Dogs Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Madrid 08/02/2016 1983.pdf30.45 KB SAP Madrid nº 45/16. Mordedura perro
Criminal Code, Injuries, Dogs Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Ciudad Real 10/03/2016 2015.pdf0 bytes SAP Ciudad Real nº 16/2016. Mordedura de perro
Criminal Code, Injuries Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Zaragoza 02/03/2016 2047.pdf28.9 KB SAP Zaragoza nº 46/2016. Antigua falta maltrato animal
Hunting dog / pack, Wild animals, Hunting Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Albacete 21/04/2016 2090.pdf45.68 KB SAP Albacete nº 173/16. Caza con rehalas.
CONTENTIOUS ADMINISTRATIVE PROCEEDINGS, CIVIL LIABILITY, Wild animals Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Lérida 06/04/2016 2123.pdf45.03 KB SJCA Lleida nº 138/16. Irrupción animal salvaje calzada
Dogs, Mistreatment of animals, Animal center/ Zoological center Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities País Vasco 09/11/2015 2158.pdf286.88 KB S318/15 JPenal3SSebastián Hotel canino
Damages, Wild animals, CIVIL LIABILITY Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities A Coruña 21/12/2016 2223.pdf66.03 KB SAP A Coruña 427/16. Colisión con animal en autopista
Offenses and Crime, Dogs, Criminal Code Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Palma 17/03/2017 2256.pdf178.37 KB SAP Palma de Mallorca 18/2017. Abuso sexual
Mistreatment of animals, Festivals, Suelta de patos Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Valencia 27/09/2007 STSJ CV Suelta de patos Sagunto.pdf66.8 KB Sentencia Tribunal Superior Justicia Comunidad Valenciana - Suelta de patos Sagunto
Primates, Experimentation/Animal research, Records, Registry Legislation Autonomous Communities Andalucía 27/09/2005 252.pdf62.06 KB Decreto 199/2005 experimentación animales (mod. Decreto)
Dogs, Companion animals / Pets, Domestic animals, Vaccination, Cats Legislation Autonomous Communities Cantabria 05/01/2004 287.pdf251.12 KB Orden 54/2003 vacunación perros y gatos (c.e)
Permits, Monitoring, Penalties, Hunting, Hunting dog / pack, Poisoned bait, Authorization, Dogs, Inspection, Official controls, Licenses Legislation Autonomous Communities Castilla-La Mancha 02/11/1993 320.pdf365.36 KB Ley 2/1993 caza
Official controls, Experimentation/Animal research, Cats, Dogs, Committees, councils and commissions, Animal identification, Penalties, Animal health, Training, Monitoring, Registry, Primates, Inspection Legislation Autonomous Communities Galicia 16/01/2009 353.pdf142.43 KB Decreto 296/2008 experimentación animales
Staging points, Animal protection organizations, Animal Farm, Animal health, Owner of cattle farm, Obligations, Transport of animals, Production animals, Working animals, Health, Training, Fur animals, Companion animals / Pets, Experimentation/Animal research, Domestic animals, Veterinarian, Records, Animal identification, Transporters or Carrier, Mistreatment of animals, Penalties, Disqualification, Transport of animals Legislation Autonomous Communities Comunidad Valenciana 07/03/2003 386.pdf481.03 KB Ley 6/2003 explotaciones ganaderas
Animal assisted therapy, Guide and assistance dogs, Dogs, Animal trainers, Animal training, Obligations, Guide dog users, Animal identification, Access/Admittance with animals, Public transport, Penalties, Public awareness campaign, Public awareness campaign, Animal health Legislation Autonomous Communities Navarra 07/07/1995 420.pdf65.24 KB Ley Foral 7/1995 perros guía
Staging points, Owner of cattle farm, Transport of animals, Transporters or Carrier, Slaughterhouses, Certification, Animal welfare courses, Training, Public awareness campaign, Transport of animals Legislation Autonomous Communities Cataluña 19/12/2008 453.pdf178.52 KB Decreto 253/2008 formación
Permits, Weapons, Hunting, Authorization, Fishing, Poisoned bait, Birds, Penalties, Confiscation /seizure, Dogs, Hunting dog / pack, Licenses Legislation Autonomous Communities Navarra 20/01/2006 593.pdf155.82 KB Ley Foral 17/2005 caza
Legislation Autonomous Communities Canarias 01/10/2010 800.pdf3.09 MB Resolución de 22 de septiembre especies protegidas
Transport of animals, Production animals, Working animals, Health, Animal health Legislation Autonomous Communities Extremadura 25/05/2011 928.pdf72.38 KB ORDEN de 10 de junio de 2011 transporte animales
Cats, Abandonment, Companion animals / Pets, Animal Collection Center, Dogs Legislation Autonomous Communities La Rioja 14/09/2012 1002.pdf1.35 MB Resolución de la Secretaría General Técnica de la Consejería de Presidencia y Justicia de 31 de agosto de 2012 entidades colaboradoras

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