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Keywords Type Scope Place Date Title
Permits, Experimentation/Animal research, Authorization, Committees, councils and commissions, Records, Slaughter, Licenses Legislation Autonomous Communities Andalucía 11/05/2002 251.pdf304.46 KB Decreto 142/2002 experimentación animales
Possesor or keeper, Companion animals / Pets, Domestic animals, Cats, Dogs, Vaccination, Animal identification, Veterinarian, Records, Animal health, Authorization, Obligations, Owners of animals, Licenses, Permits Legislation Autonomous Communities Cantabria 23/12/2003 286.pdf25.3 KB Orden 54/2003 vacunación perros y gatos
Public transport, Animal trainers, Animal training, Companion animals / Pets, Domestic animals, Animal identification, Obligations, Guide dog users, Dogs, Guide and assistance dogs, Animal assisted therapy Legislation Autonomous Communities Castilla-La Mancha 24/06/1994 319.doc41 KB Ley 1/1994 perros guía
Animal assisted therapy, Abandonment, Domestic animals, Companion animals / Pets, Wild animals, Dogs, Animal center/ Zoological center, Veterinarian, Collection/ Capture animals, Committees, councils and commissions, Obligations, Animal health, Mistreatment of animals, Cites, Species, Census, Wild fauna, Passport, Authorization, Animal identification, Sale, Slaughter, Competition, Potentially dangerous animals, Cockfighting, Dog fighting, Security, Shows, Confiscation /seizure, Filming scenes with animals, Banning of forms of entertainment with animals, Zoos, Records, Circuses, Animal training, Breeders, Import, Penalties, Guide and assistance dogs, Transport of animals, Registry, Animal protection organizations, Civil code, Animal exhibition, Animal shows, Concertation / Disputation, Licenses, Permits, Festivals, Transport of animals, Staging points, Animal Collection Center Legislation Autonomous Communities Galicia 05/06/1998 352.doc126 KB Decreto 153/1998 Reglamento Ley animales
Security, Potentially dangerous animals, Penalties, Animal health, Owners of animals, Obligations, Monitoring, Veterinarian, Certification, Records, Transport of animals, Breeders, Registry, Animal trainers, Animal training, Dogs, Companion animals / Pets, Domestic animals, Animal identification, Animal center/ Zoological center, Inspection, Official controls, Transport of animals, Staging points, Possesor or keeper Legislation Autonomous Communities Comunidad Valenciana 04/10/2000 385.pdf63.31 KB Decreto 145/2000 animales potencialmente peligrosos
Cats, Bullfighting and other forms of entertainment with bulls, Abandonment, Companion animals / Pets, Domestic animals, Production animals, Working animals, Species, Obligations, Owners of animals, Animal health, Bans, Mistreatment of animals, Slaughter, Transport of animals, Shows, Banning of forms of entertainment with animals, Cockfighting, Dog fighting, Pigeon shooting, Filming scenes with animals, Authorization, Animal identification, Monitoring, Veterinarian, Sale, Penalties, Records, Registry, Collection/ Capture animals, Animal training, Confiscation /seizure, Sterilization, Breeders, Animal protection organizations, Zoos, Disqualification, Census, Inspection, Official controls, Licenses, Permits, Festivals, Transport of animals, Staging points, Possesor or keeper, Animal Collection Center, Dogs Legislation Autonomous Communities Navarra 31/08/1994 419.pdf120.47 KB Ley Foral 7/1994 animales
Chickens, Working animals, Production animals, Slaughter, Hens, Pigs, Calves, Animal Farm Legislation Autonomous Communities Murcia 09/08/2012 1001.pdf353.46 KB Orden de 31 de julio de 2012 explotaciones ganaderas
Animal welfare courses, Production animals, Training Legislation Autonomous Communities Extremadura 13/02/2013 1045.pdf637.94 KB Resolución de 25 de enero de 2013 formación
Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Zamora 14/05/2013 1093.pdf33.66 KB Sentencia AP Zamora; falta 631.1 CP
Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Cáceres 07/05/2013 1125.pdf29.67 KB Sentencia AP Cáceres; responsabilidad civil daños ocasionados por animales
Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Vigo 30/04/2013 1158.pdf29.07 KB Sentencia AP Vigo; faltas 631.1 CP
Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Valladolid 08/07/2013 1191.pdf26.89 KB Sentencia AP Valladolid; falta 631.1 CP
Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Zaragoza 22/03/2013 1227.pdf44.75 KB SAP Zaragoza 93/2013; delito 336 CP
Transport of animals, Animal welfare courses, Training, Working animals, Production animals Legislation Autonomous Communities Aragón 04/07/2013 1260.pdf561.09 KB Anuncio sobre cursos y formación
CIVIL LIABILITY, Hunting ground, Civil code Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Salamanca 25/03/2014 1397.pdf32.82 KB SAP SA 138/2014; Irrupción de animales en la calzada
Commercialization, Civil code Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Murcia 02/05/2014 1430.pdf34.06 KB SAP 267/2014; compra de cabras
Wild animals, CIVIL LIABILITY, Liability of Public Administration Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Murcia 20/02/2015 1527.pdf43.77 KB STSJ Murcia 128/2015; responsabilidad patrimonial administración
Mistreatment of animals, Criminal Code Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Burgos 28/01/2015 1592.pdf32.85 KB SAP Burgos 34/2015. Falta de maltrato de animales
Criminal Code, Injuries, Dogs Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Madrid 09/02/2015 1624.pdf39.95 KB SAP Madrid 85/2015. Falta contra los intereses generales, lesiones producidas por perro
Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Albacete 30/03/2015 1657.pdf31.23 KB SAP 125/2015 Albacete animal feroz
Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Madrid 23/04/2015 1689.pdf32.12 KB SAP Madrid 298/2015 Falta de maltrato animal
CIVIL LIABILITY, Dogs Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Tarragona 15/05/2015 1722.pdf35.45 KB SAP Tarragona 157/2015, de 15 de mayo
CIVIL LIABILITY, Horses Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Cuenca 02/06/2015 1754.pdf35.93 KB SAP Cuenca 96/2015, de 2 de junio. Caballo en carretera
Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Huelva 17/12/1998 1787.pdf27.29 KB SAP Huelva 17-12-98
Dogs, Mistreatment of animals, Offenses and Crime Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Jaén 21/09/2015 1820.pdf33.94 KB SAP Jaén 268/15 Delito maltrato perro

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