Historia del Gato

Historia del Gato
Helena Escoda Casas
Ediciones Hades , 2019

For a mouse, a cat is a lion.
Spanish proverb

The Anthology History of the Cat is the second publication of Helena Escoda Casas, student of the first promotion of the Postgraduate degree of Animal Law (2011) and Anthrozoology (2015), both taught at UAB. The research has consisted in documenting the anthrozoological relationship between humans beings and cats historically, with the will to work for a better future for cats.

In our country, as in the rest of the Spanish-speaking world, there is no historiographical trend which includes animals beyond the utilitarian function attributed to them by humankind. However, animals have always accompanied us throughout History and they have contributed, as a faithful comrade, to developing civilization. Bulls have been exploited to dig the land, horses have transported us, dogs have defended us from innumerable hazards, etc. And cats, we forgot that they have protected our barns and homes.

This book aims to be the first step to settle a huge historical debt.

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