Filosofía y toros. Un debate ético

Filosofía y toros. Un debate ético
Marta Vericat
Edicions UAB , 2018

There has always existed a fundamentally ethical debate in relation to shows with bulls and other animals. However, this controversy gained force in our society after the Catalan Parliament banned bullfighting in 2010. This book is precisely a starting point to this current debate, as the author contrasts, analyses and discusses the different positions of the contemporary Spanish philosophers about this topic. There are philosophers and thinkers who want to perpetuate this practice, and others who suggest its immediate abolition.

The first chapter starts with a general view about the animalist movement in the national and international scale, introducing Peter Singer as the cornerstone for raising the issue of the ethical treatment of animals to the philosophical field. In the second chapter, we find a brief historical tour about bullfighting, from the 15th century to the present, in order to understand how these practises have firmly consolidated in Spain until becoming tradition. The remaining chapters present the works by Spanish philosophers in the 20th century, starting with those who first referred to the shows with bulls from a humanistic point of view and following with the most recent ones. The most recurrent philosophical arguments are incorporated into dialogue, and deal with the following topics: tradition, nationalism, culture, art, the rights of animals and several “isms”, such as speciesism, anthropocentrism, androgenism, sexism, feminism and ecofeminism.

This work hopes to be an invitation to reflexion so that nobody remains indifferent to the animal pain. Fundamental questions have been laid, which we mustn’t ignore to get to live in a fairer society that raises on values like empathy or respect, and which is inclusive with the sentient beings of other species.

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