Postgraduate Program in “Animals, Rights and Society”

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The UAB has created, for the first time in Spain, a Postgraduate Program in “Animals, Rights and Society” in collaboration with the Office of the Protection of Animals of the Barcelona Municipal Government and AIUDA . Professor Teresa Giménez-Candela is in charge of the direction of the program, with Professor Marta Tafalla and Carlos Contreras in charge of the coordination of the program.

It is a program for professional specialization, whose goal is the education of experts in work related with animals from a comparative judicial perspective, while taking into account the needs of the global society.
The Postgraduate Program is proudly interdisciplinary, intending to provide an integral education, combining knowledge related to animals from disparate fields such as law, ethology, nutrition and welfare, while keeping in mind ethical dimensions, artistic representations and spectacles, as well as social organization and responsibility.

The Postgraduate Program has a strong practical component, as it aims to educate professionals to become capable of managing the new challenges that society demands with relation to animals. The program aims to offer the necessary education to those who wish to develop, or who are already developing, a profession related to animals, to provide the necessary background for their disposal, to provide the theory and practice which our interconnected society demands and at all times more conscientious of the role that the humane treatment of animals represents for sustainable development and for peaceful coexistence.

On the website of the Escuela de Postgrado de la UAB, (School of Postgraduate Programs of the UAB) you can find more complementary information (schedules, dates, program, professors, etc.) about the Postgraduate Program.

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