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The Minding Animals Pre-Conference 'Animals and the Law' will take place in Barcelona on October 24-25 in the Hotel Campus of the UAB. The objective of this first scientific meeting is to focus our interest on the juridical treatment animals receive in the two major juridical systems: Common Law and Civil Law. Said scientific meeting is jointly organized by the Minding Animals Foundation and the Research Group ADS (Animals, Derecho y Sociedad – Animals, Rights and Society) of the UAB.

We invite all those who wish to contribute to this initiative to participate in the Pre-Conference.

The UAB will award two free elective credits to those participating in the conference.

Those wishing to enroll can do so via the secretary of the Congress:
Mondial & Cititravel Congresos, S.L.
Tel.: +34.932.212.955, Fax: +34.934.592.059
E-mail: animals-law@mondial-congress.com, before September 15, after which it is still possible to enroll, but with a higher cost.

For more information, please see here

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