Watching the MT’s Defenses. Master in Animal Law and Society (6th. online Ed.)

Defensas de las tesis de la 6ª edición online del Máster en Derecho Animal y Sociedad

On the 25th and 26th of last November, the respective defenses of the final works of the Master in Animal Law and Society of the UAB were carried out. A new academic stage completed by the students that opens new doors in the defense of animal rights.

Again, the multidisciplinary nature of this training reveals the high capacities for evolution that still remain to be discovered and investigated in this matter. In addition, the international participation of the entire student body reveals the union and connection existing between different parts of the planet to present new studies to the scientific community.

Research on animal welfare in various sectors and industries, such as equine, fisheries or meat, convinces the court that new and improved practices are possible. Studies have also been presented on different legislation at an international level, such as Spain, France, the United States, Chile or Colombia. Among them are those related to the abandonment of animals, the use of these in shows and even conservation in zoos, among others.

This panorama enriches some of the theses of different doctrines, perhaps less quantitative, but necessary to be able to cement future analyzes. This is the case of studies on animal legal subjectivity in the Argentine legal system, companion animals in the couple crisis or the use of animals in the media.

From ICALP and the collaborating entities that group this training, we thank the nineteen students for their work and effort throughout these months, as well as the members of the tribunal who validated the defenses of the final Master's projects that we present here.





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