Steven Wise’s « Sacudiendo la jaula: Hacia los Derechos de los animales» Book Release in Barcelona

Steven Wise

AUTHOR: Marine Lercier

TITLE: Steven Wise’s « Sacudiendo la jaula: Hacia los Derechos de los animales» Book Release in Barcelona: a wider audience promising for more legal actions on behalf of animals?


ISSN 2462-7518

On April 19th, 2018, Steven Wise, American lawyer and emblematic founder and president of the Nonhuman Rights Project, presented the Spanish edition of his book written in 2000, « Rattling the cage: Toward legal rights for animals », at the occasion of its release in Spain under the title « Sacudiendo la jaula: Hacia los Derechos de los animales » in April of this year. The event was organized at the Museu i Centre d’Estudis de l’Esport Melcior Colet of Barcelona, in partnership with the Private Foundation CyO, the NGO Esport Solidari Internacional, the publisher Tirant lo Blanch, the Master of Animal Law and Society of the Autonomous University of Barcelona, and the ICALP.

The translation of this classic in the animal rights field and international movement for the recognition of legal personhood and fundamental rights for animals will provide the Spanish-speaking public with the opportunity, more than 30 years after Steven Wise pioneered the fight for their legal rights, to understand the arguments that abound in favor of upgrading the legal status of animals and the mechanisms and legal techniques that are used to reach this goal before US courts.


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