Seminar of Ethics in the rotatori of the Veterinary Clinical Hospital (UAB)

Seminario de Ética en el rotatorio del Hospital Clínico  Veterinario (UAB)

Authors: Silvia Zanini y Carolina Leiva

On March 14, 2019, at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the UAB, a student seminar was held, to which the members of ICALP were invited, reiterating the positive experience of last year. The interesting debate was based on the analysis of three clinical cases developed and previously experienced by the participating students, and focused on the subject, as current as complex, of animal ethics. Reflections on sensitive and insufficiently regulated issues, such as euthanasia and the suffering of animals, have highlighted the way in which the management of ethical and deontological issues related to the practice of the veterinary profession today acquires a character more and more stimulating, and the creation of a synergy between veterinary science and legal science is essential.

Keywords: animal ethics; veterinary profession; animal welfare; euthanasia; pain; property statute; animal mistreatment

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