Prof. Peter J. Li (PhD): Some notes on chinese animal law

Peter J. Li

Author: Alvaro de Juan. Alumno del Curso “Derecho y Bienestar Animal” (UAB, 2018-2019)

On March 19th of 2019, Prof. Peter J. Li (University of Houston Downtown) visited the Faculty of Law of the Autonomous University of Barcelona to give a lecture for the students of the course of Law and Animal Welfare regarding the current legal situation of animals in China. Following an analysis on the historical situation of animal cruelty and mistreatment in China -given its customs and way of life-, prof. Peter J. Li examines its causes and contemplates culture itself, perhaps, as the solution. All of these considerations that address the essentials of animal welfare, such as ethics, consumption and multiculturality, still are to be furtherly reflected upon by society.

Key words: Chinese animal law; Chinese animal welfare; animal mistreatment; ethics; sentience.

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