Peru: Congress members stablish an animal rights legislative bloc

Perú: Congresistas conforman bloque legislativo animalista.

*Written by José Binfa Álvarez, ICALP Researcher.

On March 30 of this year, Peruvian congress members Lady Camones Soriano, José Jerí Ore, Diego Bazán Calderón and César Revilla Villanueva introduced the "Parliamentary Bloc for the Defense and Protection of Animals" in the Peruvian Congress. This multi-party bloc seeks to articulate and promote animal protection at an institutional level, for which civil society is also invited to participate in this process.

During the meeting, the delegates discussed the need to initiate a legislative effort to deal with pending aspects of Peruvian legislation, such as the absence of statutes for Law 31.311, also known as the Cuatro Patas Law, the need to modify the legal status of animals in the Civil Code to recognize them as sentient beings, the need to modify the Peruvian Constitution to incorporate animals in it and also the need to increase the penalties for the crime of animal abuse. In this sense, the aim is to create a legal "ecosystem" that integrally protects animals in Peru, a topic that according to the participants of this bloc is urgent.

In addition, Congressman Diego Bazán outlined the draft bill No. 1109/2021-CR, which amends the General Law of Transportation and Land Transit to extend the coverage of the SOAT (mandatory traffic accident insurance) and CAT (traffic accident certificate) for domestic animals, in order to cover their medical care in traffic accidents.


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