New members of the editorial secretariat of the journal dA. Derecho Animal (Forum of Animal Law Studies) promoted by ICALP

Miryam Olivera Francisco Javier Rosagro

As a symptom of the constant evolution that ICALP has been committed to since its foundation in 2015, we are pleased to welcome two new professionals from different fields to join as members of the Editorial Secretariat of the journal dA. Derecho Animal (Forum of Animal Law Studies).   

On the one hand, the lawyer Miryam Olivera, specialized in Civil Law, Family, Inheritance and Animal Law as well as member and researcher of the ICALP and PhD Candidate in Animal Law of the UAB ( 

On the other hand, the journalist Francisco Javier Rosagro, specialized in Animal Law and founder of the digital newspaper InfoVegans (  

Both experts are former students of the Master in Animal Law and Society with a brilliant academic career. Now, as pieces of this interdisciplinary puzzle, they will collaborate to strengthen the knowledge and scientific contributions in our organization. 

In the words of Frank Tyger, "learning is either a continuing thing or it is nothing".

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