Internships at ICALP (International Center for Animal Law and Policy). The impact of livestock farming on the environment, human health, global security and animal welfare

Internships at ICALP

Authors: Deborah Villeras y Melanie Montenegro Pérez

As students of the 7th edition of the Master's Degree in Animal Law and Society, Deborah Villeras and Melanie Montenegro Pérez completed their internships at the International Center for Animal Law and Policy (ICALP). Their work consisted in collaborating in an ongoing research project led by ICALP on the impact of livestock farming on the environment, on human health, on global security and on animal welfare. The results of the latter were reflected in a report to be integrated into the research project, in which the most relevant data are collected regarding the current situation and that will be published soon. Finally, the interns presented the issues at stake to the public during a conference organized by the ICALP in the UAB’s Law School.

Key words: livestock sector, livestock sector impact, animal welfare, human health, environment, climate change, human security, ICALP, UAB

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