Closing ceremony of the 6th edition of the Master in Animal Law and Society Online

On 27 November 2020, the closing ceremony of the 6th edition of the Master's in Animal Law and Society Online was held, with the participation of students, Master's tutors, TFM directors and members of the TFM courts, who defended themselves on the previous days.

In this session we had the invaluable presence of Drs. Dr. David Favre, professor of the Master. Michigan State University , Mrs. Ignacia Uribe, from Vegetarianos Hoy, alumni of the Master and currently a collaborating entity of the Master's, and the Director of the Master's, Dr. Teresa Giménez-Candela, who conveyed to Dr. Andrea Gavinelli, from the Animal Welfare Unit in the Health and Food Safety Directorate General of the European Commission, the appointment as Godfather of this edition of the Master's.

The event ended with a fraternal toast to our animal brothers and sisters, to the health of the planet, to everyone's families, to the students, teachers and collaborating entities.




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