Chile: Initiative to recognize animals as sentient beings will be discussed at Constitutional Convention

Chile: Iniciativa popular que busca reconocer a los animales como seres sintientes será discutida en la Convención Constitucional

*Written by José Binfa Álvarez, ICALP Researcher.

In the historical process of drafting a new Constitution for Chile, the debate about the recognition of animal sentience has been on the agenda. During the last months, citizens and grassroots organizations have been able to propose "Popular Initiatives of Norm" to be discussed in the Constitutional Convention after gathering 15,000 people' endorsements. In this context, the #NoSonMuebles campaign of the Fundación Vegetarianos Hoy has reached this milestone, gathering widespread support and becoming the first animal-focused initiative of norm that has been able to obtain its place in the constitutional debate.
This initiative, written in collaboration with Fundación Abogados por los Animales, aims to incorporate a constitutional rule for the protection of animals, under five principles:

  1. To guarantee a state duty to protect animal welfare through specific institutions and specialized laws. The State must adopt an active role in promoting the welfare and rights of all animals.
  2. Protection of all animals, regardless of their category. The proposal includes domesticated animals, liminal animals, and wild animals.
  3. Protection of all animals according to their species.
  4. Protection of all animals as individuals.
  5. Constitutional recognition of sentience.

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