About the initiative to prohibit bullfights in the Municipality of Puebla

Sobre la iniciativa de prohibir las corridas de toros en el Municipio de Puebla

Beatriz Vanda Cantón and Adriana Cossío Bayúgar

In Puebla, Mexico, a forum was organized to present to legislators whether or not bullfighting should be prohibited. The arguments presented by those who oppose the bullfights were based on ethics and science such as neurophysiology and ethology. Those who defended bullfighting resorted to fallacious arguments such as the appeal to tradition, the petition of principle, and instead of responding to the contrary, they disqualify them resorting to ad hominem arguments. We must ask ourselves if all traditions and cultural expressions are valuable and should remain even when they involve causing harm and death to a living being with the capacity to feel and have conscious experiences. Laws must ensure that the freedoms of some do not violate the vital needs of others (although some may not recognize that the bull is also an "other").

Key words: bullfighting, bullfights, sentient, pain, traditions, fallacy, laws

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