Employement Network Event, 7th edition

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Employement Network Event, 7th edition

Organized by: The Hague University

The Hague University annual conference will be organized on the theme of ‘Diversity of international career’ in the form of a job and study fair to engage with students and professionals in international legal studies and careers from Netherlands and abroad. It is expected to stimulate employment opportunities for students. To this end, the organization invites ICALP to talk about the Master in Animal Law and Society, to discuss the employment possibilities offered by studies in Animal Law.

The Hague University also celebrates the 10 years anniversary of International and EU Law Program and 30 years anniversary of the Hague University of Applied Sciences.

Employement Network Event, 7th edition

The Hague University plans to organise its yearly conference “Employment Network Event” on the theme “Diversity of international career” for the students and professionals coming from the whole Netherlands and from abroad, and for the first time students from Brazilian law schools. The envisaged date is Friday 25th May 2018. It wil be also the year of celebration of the 10 years anniversary of the International and EU Law Programme of The Hague University and the 30 years of The Hague University of Applied Sciences.

The Employment Network Event is a conference and a job/study fair which has gathered hundreds of students with more than 90 nationalities and around 120 international organisations during the past 6 years (companies, law firms, embassies, governmental and non-governmental organisations based in The Hague, Brussels, and guest universities).

The purpose of the event is to enable our experienced, distinguished guests to engage in professional discussions relating to issues and challenges in their fields. The event is also a large platform for inspiring the students and alumni, the future decision-makers to be onthe international stage and meet organisations. This may be valuable in generating or stimulating employment opportunities for students.

This invitation is also supported by the students of The Hague University through the International Law Student Association, The Hague Chapter. Students are very supportive in our actions for meeting distinguished representatives in international discussions, looking for gaps and future developments of the law.

The event has as a main goal to bring more awareness for the students and professionals on the very large spectrum of opportunities of careers and studies offered in countries where they do not go exploring enough for generating concrete career paths.

In light of the internationalisation of law studies wish by the Dean Liduine Bremer and the Faculty of the International and EU Law Programme, we would like to emphasize the diversity of employments, studies and careers available in more than the European market for the future of international law students in The Hague. 

The conference takes place in The Hague University of Applied Sciences, for gathering and engaging with students and professionals on international legal studies and careers.

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