Aubrey Fine's Conference in Barcelona

Aubrey Fine's Conference in Barcelona: "Opening new frontiers in animal assisted therapies: the role of animals in education" on Annual Anthrozoology Day 2018, October 15th
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Sala Josep Marull, Campus Universitario Mar (UAB-UPF) C/ Dr. Aiguader 80. - Barcelona
Aubrey Fine

On October 15th, the Annual Anthrozoology Day 2018 will take place, organized by the Chair of Affinity Foundation and the Autonomous University of Barcelona “Animals and Health" in collaboration with the Affinity Foundation, Barcelona City Council, the Autonomous University of Barcelona, the Institut Hospital del Mar d'Investigacions Mèdiques and the Institute of Neuropsychiatry and Addictions of the MAR Health Park in Barcelona.

Dr. Aubrey Fine , main speaker of the event, will give a seminar entitled "Opening new frontiers in animal-assisted interventions: the role of animals in education", with simultaneous translation.

The project "Respect me" of animal-assisted education in Escola Lléo XIII will be presented by Maribel Vila and Dr. Paula Calvo, while Dr. Jaume Fatjó and Mr. Francesc Ximeno will close the event.

We highly recommend attending this event to all the professionals of the sector and to all the people interested in this topic that values a key contribution of the animals to the human lives.

Registration for the event is free

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