Fellow Brethren, Slaves and Companions: Human/Non-Human Animals Relations in Transformation

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ORGANIZER: Lorentz Center – International Center for Scientific Workshops

DATE: from 11 Sep 2017 to 15 Sep 2017

LOCATION: Lorentz Center, Leiden University (The Netherlands)

ISSN 2462-7518

The Lorentz Center, hosted by Leiden University (The Netherlands) organizes an international workshop, which consists of a series of lectures on animal studies. The scientific organizers are: Clemens Driessen (UR, Wageningen), Maria-Jose Enders-Slegers (OUNL, Heerlen), Marita Giménez-Candela (UAB, Barcelona), Simone Pollo (La Sapienza, Rome), Augusto Vitale (ISS, Rome).

Dr. Marita Giménez-Candela, Director of ICALP (International Center for Animal Law and Policy) will deliver a lecture on the state of the art and future perspectives of Animal Law in Europe.

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