Workshop for PhD candidates in Animal Law, Ad-dA (UAB)

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Last April 11th, under the direction of Prof. Dr. Teresa Giménez-Candela, Full Professor of Roman Law and Director of the Master in Animal Law and Society, a pioneering initiative called the Workshop for PhD Candidates in Animal Law (Ad-dA), started its path AT THE UAB in compliance with the Royal Decree 99/2011, of 28 January, which regulates official doctoral courses, and indicates that the fundamental components during the doctoral training is the progress of the scientific knowledge through the original research and recognizes the PhD Candidates as research trainees.

The main objective of the Ad-dA, the first session of which took place at the UAB School of Law, is to offer the PhD Candidates an integral training as a part of an international research team.
The Ad-dA is going to meet bimonthly, so the future experts in Animal Law can show to the other research team members their progress with their Thesis; this will encourage a dynamic work where everyone will learn from the others at the time that they update each other on their research.

Likewise, the Ad-dA will count, in future meetings, on the engagement of other international renowned Animal Law experts that will assist the training of present and future PhD Candidates.

During the speaking time of the PhD Candidates, they explained to the others, the subject of their Thesis and the Status quaestionis of their research. Prof. Dr. GIménez-Candela and the other assistants made some comments on the Thesis’ progresses so the work time became a space for critical, constructive and inspiring judgments.

The first session of the Ad-dA was a success. The PhD Candidates left with the pleasant feeling that, in the following years of intense doctoral training they are going to be supported by an expert research team that will help them to enrich their scientific dialogue and their intellectual training, so they will conclude their work in the field of Animal Law with successful outcome.

The works that are going to be done at the Ad-dA, just like the ones from the Research Center ICALP (International Center for Animal Law and Policy), will be published in, a website of reference in the field of Animal Law worldwide.

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