The linkages between ethics and law, the example of animal matter (Université de Limoges)

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On Thursday 10 November 2016 it will be carried out a symposium organized by the Observatoire des Mutations Institutionnelles et Juridiques, and it will be held at the Faculty of Law and Economics of Limoges.

It is organized under the scientific responsibility of Lucille Ball-Sowiński (MCF Private Law) and Delphine Tharaud (MCF Private Law), both professors at the University of Limoges and disciples of Prof. Marguenaud, Founder and Director of the Revue semestrielle de Droit Animalier, and teacher at the Master of Animal Law and Society of the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

The ethical reflection regarding our relationship with animals has intensified in the last fifty years, considering their interests and quality of life, which has had repercussions in the legal field and has led to important legislative advances.

However, there is no Animal Ethics, but different ethical theories. Can a legal translation of these ethical theories be deduced? And how are they perceived by the legal systems of other countries?

The conference will be attended by the Professor Teresa Giménez-Candela, who will discuss the importance of the issue of legal status in civil law systems, with special reference to the example of Spain.



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