The launch of ICALP: the first international and interdisciplinary Center for Animal Studies

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The inauguration of the first international and interdisciplinary Centre for animal law and public policy will take place at the Bellaterra Campus Hotel at 7pm on Friday 20th May. The international Centre brings together twenty researchers worldwide.

This initiative brings together professionals from a wide range of sectors, including law, animal welfare, humanities, biodiversity, health science, multimedia platforms and public policy.

On 29th April the members will officially inaugurate the Centre as the International Center for Animal Law and Policy (ICALP), which is made up of twelve researchers from Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona (UAB) and fourteen researchers from foreign institutions. This new centre seeks to become a link between societal respect for animals, public policy and the legal protection of animals as sentient beings.

Animal law and protection are topics that continue to receive a growing interest from various fields. ICALP, as the first centre of its kind on a global scale, has received dozens of letters of support from animal protection institutions and experts in the field of animal law.

ICALP is formed of the same team that has been entrusted to create and coordinate the Master in Animal Law and Society at the Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona, which will soon be running its sixth presential course and third online course.

The new Centre welcomes senior and student researchers from around the world to participate in its work. The Centre offers an innovative space to share ideas and experiences regarding public policy governing animal protection.

David Favre, an expert in Animal Law from the United States, will attend the inauguration event, alongside heads of departments and ICALP members.

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