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On May 7th, 2015, at 7 PM, the international launch of the project ZOO XXI will take place at La Pedrera-Casa Milà, in Barcelona. The project, created by the Franz Weber Foundation and the Asociación Animalista Libera, makes a proposal of reconversion of zoos, as we know them today (for more information about this topic click here); the goal is to adapt them to the science and ethics of our times.

During the event 21 personalities from Barcelona will ask the implementation of this project in the city. Amongst others Jordi Portabella (former president of the Barcelona Zoo), Magda Oranich (founding president of the Commission of Animal Law of the Bar Association of Barcelona), the actresses Nuria Gago and Mónica Pérez, and the singer and composer Gerard Quintana will attend the presentation. Moderating the event will be the journalist Daniel Domenjó and Leonardo Anselmi, director of the Franz Weber Foundation for Southern Europe and Latin America.

Standards of animal welfare in zoos are important, but it is not sufficient to simply give animals larger cages or better facilities. Closing zoos is neither the right solution, as it would be a missed opportunity to transform them. We have to set aside the logic of using animals and pass to the logic of utility for them and the planet. A paradigm shift is needed! This is the proposal of ZOO XXI: creating a space for discussion and action between the option of improving the welfare conditions without any reconversion project, and the option of calling for the closure of zoos. Zoos have to be transformed into a space of shelter, care, assistance and opportunities for animals that do not have it today, for injured animals, seized from farms, and abandoned ones. A zoo has professionals, the knowledge and the adequate facilities to become a space of social, animal, and environmental service. Right here is where the innovative proposal of ZOO XXI was born.

Mag.iur. Martina Pluda, LLB.oec.

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