Madrid - Presentation of the book “El derecho de los animales”

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On June 2nd, 2015 the presentation of the book “El derecho de los animales” (Marcial Pons, 2015) of the Library for Governance and Human Rights will take place. Coordinated by Basilio Baltasar and written by Jorge Wagensberg, Javier Sádaba, Jesus Mosterín, Robert T. Hall, Gabriel Domenech, Pablo Herreros, Teresa Giménez-Candela, Carlos Contreras, Cristina Bécares Mendiola, Maria Gonzalez Lacabex the book is a recompilation of philosophical, juridical and ethological points of view, in which the authors address the key to a social, cultural, political and legal change in our sensitivity towards animals.

The event will take place in the Board Room of the Circulo de Bellas Artes (Calle de Alcala, 42, 28014 Madrid) at 19:30, with the participation of:

Ignacio Polanco, president of the Santillana Foundation;
Joaquin Estefania, director of the Department of Latin American Studies Jesus de Polanco;
Antonio Rovira, Professor of Constitutional Law at the UAM and director of the Library for Governance and Human Rights;
Basilio Baltasar, director of the Santillana Foundation (Cultural Department) and coordinator of the book;
Teresa Giménez-Candela, director of the Master in Animal and Society, Autonomous University of Barcelona; and
Javier Sádaba, philosopher.

Please find more information about the publication on the website of the Santillana Foundation.


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