Conference – An Eagle Eye on TTIP

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On Tuesday 3rd March 2015, Humane Society International and World Animal Protection will hold a conference titled “An Eagle Eye on TTIP- Agriculture, research and sustainable development- what’s on the horizon for TTIP?” This event will be hosted by David Martin MEP and will take place in Brussels at the Hotel Silken Berlaymont from 15.00-18.00 hrs.

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) negotiations have so far provoked heated political discussion; with debates often revealing diametrically opposed ideological stances about free trade and its impact on society. Will TTIP lead to standards being downgraded? Does regulatory cooperation work in practice? Could TTIP advance standards globally? What impact would an EU-US trade agreement have on the rest of the world?

This conference brings together MEPs, EU negotiators, US government officials, NGOs and industry representatives to explore key issues, such as regulatory cooperation, convergence of standards and government-to-government settlement. These issues, and their implications for animal protection, will be debated in three panel discussions with input from US and EU TTIP negotiators.

The conference will be followed by a reception in celebration of “World Wildlife Day”.
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