The reception in honour of the II Global Animal Law Conference at the Barcelona City Hall

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Thursday, July the 10th the attendees and the speakers of the II Global Animal Law Conference (Barcelona, 10th-11th of July 2014), have been invited by the Department for the Protection of Animals of the Municipality of Barcelona (Oficina de Protección de los Animales del Ayuntamiento de Barcelona) for a glass of Cava in the beautiful rooms of the city hall, wich houses the headquarters of the city government since 14th century. It was a pleasure for all to attend the reception and receive such a warm welcome both from the organizers of the conference, Prof. Teresa Giménez-Candela of the Autonomous University of Barcelona and Prof. David Favre of the Michigan State University College of Law, as well as from Mr. Carles Domingo, who - representing the mayor - kindly showed participants the Medieval building in all its original splendor. In his welcome speech, Mr. Domingo underlined the importance of the work related to the protection of animal welfare, which has been done until now and all that still needs to be done, in the perspective of a civic coexistence which takes in consideration both the respect for people and the respect for animals, whether pets or not. To this regard we have to mention that the Municipality of Barcelona is the only one in the whole of Spain to have a department for the protection of animals; thanks to their collaboration with the SGR Research Group ADS (Animals, Laws, and Society) of the Autonomous University of Barcelona, pets are now allowed to access urban public transportation means.

This much-appreciated event is proof of Barcelona´s renowned tradition for respect and openness; therefore we thank the Municipality of Barcelona for its support to the II Global Animal Law Conference and to the recent achievements related to animal protection and welfare.

Martina Pluda

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