Homage to Prof. Dr. Teresa Giménez–Candela for her work in the field of Animal Law

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Dr. Carlos Contreras

During the 3rd World Congress on Bioethics and Animal Rights, held in Brasilia from 27-30 August, the Animal Abolitionist Institute (IAA) paid homage to Prof. Dr. Teresa Giménez-Candela, Full Professor of Roman Law of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and Founder and Director of the first and only Master in Animal Law in Europe, in recognition of her tireless dedication to research and teaching in Animal Law, and who for many years has been the Director of the SGR Research Group; Animals, Law and Society (ADS), as Editor of the website: www.derechoanimal.info (dA), where a front row editorial is published each month, with the goal of raising awareness of some ideas and principles among the general public, and as the Editor of an innovative line of publications in Animal Law, published by Tirant lo Blanch.

I had the honor of presenting Prof. Dr. Giménez-Candela, as one of her disciples, and I got emotional when described the merits, the Works, the achievements and the capacity for work and leadership that is my teacher. I shared with the attendees the reasons, both academic as well as intellectual, that led Dr. Giménez-Candela (from the moment of writing her Doctoral Thesis) to be interested in animals and the Law.

From the personal point of view (apart from the respect and compassion that she has always had for animals) two reasons were fundamental in pushing Prof. Dr. Giménez-Candela to become a researcher in Animal Law, as well as to develop and lead its study in Catalonia, introducing this as an emerging and independent branch within the Faculty of Law of the UAB. As the first reason, I highlight the friendship and scientific collaboration that she established Professor from Michigan State College of Law, David Favre, who is considered one of the pioneers at the global level in teaching Animal Law. Prof. Favre has developed a very important role within the Research Group of the UAB, in all the projects undertaken until now. Secondly, I underline the importance of the presence in the Prof. Giménez Candela’s of one of her dogs, Rick, who formed part of her life for almost 16 years. Dr. Giménez-Candela shared with her readers on dA the importance of this relationship in the following editorial piece that she wrote after the death of Rick, in 2012: http://www.derechoanimal.info/esp/page/2236/rick 

I have honor and the luck of working at the side of Prof. Dr. Giménez-Candela, and I could highlighted very valuable aspects of her personality, who is part of a numerous and united family, coming from a city such as Alicante, whose motto is: live and let live, allowing its citizens to learn from a very young age to see the bright side of life.

With a passion for history, epigraphy, opera and travel, Prof. Giménez-Candela, throughout her academic career has studied and worked in different universities around the world, which has allowed her to learn different languages and maintain friendships across the planet.

Prof. Giménez-Candela, during her academic training, worked under the direction of great teachers who influenced her work, such as Alvaro d’Ors, Director of her Doctoral Thesis and who was one of the most influential Romanist scholars of his generations and Dieter Nörr, Director of the Leopold Wenger Institut of the Ludwig Maximilians Universität of München.

Upon finishing my presentation, Prof. Giménez-Candela was presented with the prize from the hands of one of her students from the 3rd Edition of the Master in Animal Law and Society, the Brazilian Nicole Batista Pereira, who is in the Universidade Federal de Bahía, performing her professional internship.

For Prof. Dr. Teresa Giménez-Candela, a well-deserved congratulations and recognition for her arduous work in research and teaching which she has been carrying out since she started in the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, and as the Director of the SGR Research Group: ADS, training future professionals who will work and dedicate their lives to the protection of animals. The work and effort she has undertaken is already bearing fruits and is being recognized not only in Spain, but also in the rest of the world.

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