Humane Society International (HSI) (Mexico)

Humane Society International (HSI)

Humane Society International (HSI) is a leading global animal welfare organization that works to protect all animals - including animals in laboratories, farm animals, companion animals, and wildlife. HSI supports programs in many countries and recently opened an office in Mexico City to build greater awareness, improve animal welfare and help enact strong legislation and policy to protect Mexico’s animals. Some landmark achievements in which HSI Mexico has been heavily involved include:

  • National dog fighting ban and federal dogfighting penalties are signed into law
  • Mexico City enacts one of the most  animal-friendly constitutions  in the Americas.
  • Animal Protection Agency created as part Mexico City’s revamped animal protection law
  • Kots Kaal pato (animal piñatas Yucatan fiesta) remains cruelty-free. Launched humane education courses reaching 500 students. Nearly 74,000 signatures in favor of cruelty-free fiesta in Yucatan.
  • Provided vet care to +3,500 animals affected by September 2017 earthquakes.

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