Two sentences from A Coruña require the persons adopting a dog and a cat to return the animals

Two Courts of A Coruña by two judgments have agreed that a cat (Olivia) and a dog (Simba) must return to the Gatocan association.

According to the sentences, still not finalized, the persons adopting the animals did not fulfill with the conditions agreed upon in the donation contract, which was the reason that the Sentence imposes on them an economic fine and the obligation to return to the protector association.

Among the contractual obligations was the requirement to sterilize the animal. In the case of the dog Simba, according to the Sentence, the adopter did not fulfill this condition and instead let the dog to stud with two females, charging for the service. Now, the adopter states that he lost the animal, for which he is obligated to pay 300 Euros. In spite of this the Gatocan association suspects that the animal is hidden, as such they have started a campaign to locate it.

In the case of the cat Olivia, members of Gatocan confirmed her state, seeing that she was in a “squalid state and with her fur in a poor state due to poor feeding […] as if she were in the state, without neutering and with her breasts as if she had recently given birth.” In this case, the Sentence has terminated the contract and obligates the cat to be return, for a payment of 200 Euros to Gatocan and with 20 more per each day that occurs from the Sentence until the animal is returned.

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