Bull Rights with American Bison in La Rioja reported by Ecologistas en Acción.

Ecologistas en Acción [Ecologists in Action] of la Rioja has reported to the Department of Agriculture and the Environment of this Autonomous Community on a bull fight with American Bison in the town of Rincón de Soto, where three animals of this species were used.

The association reports that this spectacle lacked the administrative authorization to be celebrated. Additionally the use of these animals in any case in this type of festival is illegal: On the one hand they are not found included in the Bull fighting regulations of La Rioja nor can they be accommodated in the exception intended for bulls and cows in the Autonomous Community Law of Animal Protection. Furthermore, this is a protected species and included in the CITES treaty, as such their ownership and reproduction in La Rioja must be communicated and authorized by the Autonomous Government.

Source: EuropaPress

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