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Keywords Type Scope Place Date Title
Possesor or keeper, Animal center/ Zoological center, Companion animals / Pets, Domestic animals, Authorization, Records, Breeders, Sale, Hunting dog / pack, Owners of animals, Penalties, Licenses, Permits Legislation National State Legislation 11/09/1980 208.pdf92 KB Orden de 28 de julio de 1980 núcleos zoológicos
Permits, Whales and cetaceans, Authorization, Captivity, Conservation, Bans, Licenses Legislation International International law 22/08/1980 39.pdf468.58 KB Convenio pesca ballena
Official controls, Birds, Species, Conservation, Hunting, Wild fauna, Monitoring, Bans, Captivity, Inspection Legislation European Union EU Legislation 25/04/1979 729.pdf603.03 KB Directiva 79/409/CEE conservación aves silvestres
Companion animals / Pets, Board of society of protection of animals, Domestic animals Legislation National State Legislation 20/11/1978 608.pdf39.37 KB Real decreto 2715/1978 patronatos
Committees, councils and commissions, Production animals, Working animals, Animal Farm Legislation European Union EU Legislation 17/11/1978 100.pdf234.84 KB Decisión 78/923/CEE convenio explotaciones ganaderas
Legislation National State Legislation 31/10/1978 1206.pdf199.32 KB Constitución española 1978
Mistreatment of animals, Companion animals / Pets, Abandonment, Obligations Legislation International International law 15/10/1978 1286.pdf118.31 KB Declaración Universal de los D erechos del Animal
Staging points, Birds, Cats, Dogs, Transport of animals, Veterinarian, Production animals, Working animals, Pigs, Transport of animals Legislation European Union EU Legislation 06/11/1975 69.pdf163.68 KB Convenio transporte animales
Permits, Companion animals / Pets, Authorization, Records, Animal center/ Zoological center, Domestic animals, Import, Licenses Legislation National State Legislation 29/05/1975 203.pdf113.25 KB Decreto 1119/1975 núcleos zoológicos
Permits, Hunting, Captivity, Hunting dog / pack, Dogs, Authorization, Weapons, Birds, Bans, Damages, Penalties, Confiscation /seizure, Security, Animal training, Culling of population, Licenses Legislation National State Legislation 30/03/1971 161.doc263.5 KB Decreto 506/1971 caza
Wild fauna, Birds, Conservation Legislation International International law 02/02/1971 20.pdf165.3 KB Convenio humedales
Permits, Weapons, Birds, Captivity, Hunting, Authorization, Hunting dog / pack, Dogs, Bans, Damages, Penalties, Security, Confiscation /seizure, Culling of population, Civil code, Licenses Legislation National State Legislation 06/04/1970 162.doc140.5 KB Ley 1/1970 caza
Companion animals / Pets, Board of society of protection of animals, Animal protection organizations, Domestic animals Legislation National State Legislation 11/04/1964 607.doc369 KB Decreto 873/1964 patronatos
Permits, Sterilization, Domestic animals, Authorization, Veterinarian, Penalties, Licenses Legislation National State Legislation 23/08/1963 209.doc149 KB Orden de 31 de julio de 1963 esterilización
Mistreatment of animals, Domestic animals, Companion animals / Pets, Penalties Legislation National State Legislation 07/04/1961 206.doc136 KB Orden de 1 de marzo de 1961 actualización normas
Possesor or keeper, Fruits of the land, Wild fauna, Rights of access, Companion animals / Pets, Damages, Civil code, Usufruct, Hunting, Production animals, Domestic animals, Wild animals, Working animals, Sale, Owners of animals, Property/ Goods Legislation National State Legislation 25/07/1889 605.doc25 KB Real Decreto de 24 de julio de 1.889 código civil

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