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Keywords Type Scope Place Date Title
Criminal Code, Wild animals, Injuries, Hunting Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Oviedo 04/03/2016 2034.pdf32.13 KB SAP Oviedo nº 90/2016. Irrupción animal calzada
CIVIL LIABILITY, Civil code, Sale Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Segovia 30/09/2011 1377.pdf39.49 KB SAP SG 357/2011; reclamación contrato compraventa
CIVIL LIABILITY, Domestic animals, Dogs Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Madrid 14/04/2016 2110.pdf36.18 KB SAP Madrid nº 199/16. Irrupción perro calzada
Tenencia compartida, Obligations, Possesor or keeper, Owners of animals, Dogs, Civil code, Property/ Goods, Domestic animals, Companion animals / Pets Jurisprudence National Badajoz 07/10/2010 806.pdf130.1 KB Tenencia compartida del perro
Owners of animals, Companion animals / Pets, Tenencia compartida Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Barcelona 10/07/2014 1443.pdf437.43 KB SAP 465/2014; divorcio contencioso, tenencia animal
Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Valladolid 08/04/2013 1087.pdf28.28 KB Sentencia AP Valladolid; delito maltrato animal
Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Barcelona 22/06/2015 1770.pdf27.94 KB SAP Barcelona 528/2015, de 22 de junio. Lesiones por perro
Hunting ground, CIVIL LIABILITY, Wild animals, Hunting, Damages Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Toledo 10/03/2017 2261.pdf66.46 KB SAP Toledo 142/17. Animal en calzada
Injuries, Dogs, Weapons Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Madrid 25/09/2015 1837.pdf40.66 KB SAP Madrid 745/2015. Delito tenencia ilícita armas. Falta lesiones
Dogs, Criminal Code, Damages, Injuries Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Madrid 06/03/2015 1574.pdf26.63 KB SAP Madrid 187/2015. Falta contra los intereses generales, mordedura de perro
Dogs, Mistreatment of animals Jurisprudence International International cases 11/01/2003 2162.pdf19.85 MB Resolucion Ayto Pacheco Mexico Perro Capitán
Animal Farm, CIVIL LIABILITY, Production animals, Damages Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Oviedo 13/12/2016 2226.pdf85.87 KB SAP Oviedo 359/2016. Irrupción animal producción en calzada
Animal Collection Center, Criminal Code, Mistreatment of animals, Dogs Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Madrid 04/02/2015 1620.pdf80.13 KB SAP Madrid 50/2015. Falta de maltrato animal
Hunting ground, CIVIL LIABILITY, Wild animals, Hunting, Civil code Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Zamora 15/12/2015 1918.pdf30.99 KB SAP Zamora nº 214/2015. Responsabilidad del art. 1905 CC
Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Madrid 15/04/2015 1685.pdf44.7 KB SAP Madrid 155/2015 Animales en calzada
Criminal Code, Damages, Offenses and Crime Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities León 04/02/2016 1982.pdf36.51 KB SAP León nº 66/16. Delito daños
Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Vigo 30/04/2013 1158.pdf29.07 KB Sentencia AP Vigo; faltas 631.1 CP
Mistreatment of animals, Domestic animals, Companion animals / Pets, Criminal Code, Offenses and Crime, Dogs, Disqualification Jurisprudence National Alicante 18/06/2009 711.doc62 KB Delito maltrato a animales domésticos
Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Zaragoza 22/03/2013 1227.pdf44.75 KB SAP Zaragoza 93/2013; delito 336 CP
Species, Criminal Code, Offenses and Crime, Wild fauna Jurisprudence National Cáceres 20/11/1998 891.doc41.5 KB delito fauna salvaje
Mistreatment of animals, Abandonment, Dogs, Domestic animals, Companion animals / Pets, Criminal Code Jurisprudence National Madrid 30/03/2006 541.doc28 KB Falta maltrato a animales domésticos
Hunting ground, Hunting, Wild animals Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Cáceres 29/02/2016 2002.pdf32.2 KB STSJ Cáceres nº 79/16 (contencioso). Falta ley de caza
Animal Farm, Civil code, CIVIL LIABILITY Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Cáceres 02/04/2014 1409.pdf49.09 KB SAP Cáceres 92/2012; responsabilidad contractual
Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Pontevedra 01/10/2013 1266.pdf27.6 KB SAP PO 2304/2013; art. 631 CP
Injuries, Criminal Code Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Valladolid 16/09/2014 1475.pdf31.31 KB SAP Valladolid 378/2014, delito de atentado contra la autoridad

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