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Keywords Type Scope Place Date Title
Legislation Autonomous Communities Madrid 03/06/2015 1701.pdf266.95 KB L 2/2015, 10 marzo Perros Asistencia Com Madrid
Criminal Code, Dogs Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Valencia 04/05/2015 1734.pdf36.51 KB SAP Valencia 319/2015, de 4 de mayoSAP Valencia 319/2015, de 4 de mayo
Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities León 22/06/2015 1766.pdf32.87 KB SAP León 334/2015, de 22 de junio. Lesiones por perro
Dogs, Mistreatment of animals Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities A Coruña 17/09/2015 1799.pdf28.75 KB SAP A Coruña 503/15 Maltrato cruel
Injuries, Dogs Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Madrid 24/09/2015 1833.pdf35.32 KB SAP Madrid 644/2015. Falta art. 631.1 CP
Potentially dangerous animals, Injuries, Dogs Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Castilla-La Mancha 06/07/2015 1865.pdf33.86 KB SAP Guadalajara nº 34/2015. Falta de lesiones
Hunting, Wild animals, CIVIL LIABILITY, Hunting ground Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Barcelona 09/12/2015 1898.pdf37.33 KB SAP Barcelona nº 382/2015. Irrupción animal salvaje calzada.
Dogs, Injuries Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Zamora 11/02/2016 1994.pdf29.6 KB SAP Zamora nº 10/16. Falta lesiones
Companion animals / Pets, Mistreatment of animals, Dogs, Criminal Code Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Madrid 23/03/2016 2026.pdf34.39 KB SAP Madrid nº 84/2016. Maltrato animal compañía
Animal health, Hunting, Fishing Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Murcia 18/03/2016 2058.pdf36.36 KB STSJ Murcia nº 243/2016(contencioso). Infracción grave Ley Caza y Pesca
CIVIL LIABILITY, Injuries, Dogs Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Palma 26/04/2016 2102.pdf39.61 KB SAP Palma Mallorca nº 116/16. Mordedura perro
Injuries, Dogs, Criminal Code Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Murcia 16/05/2016 2136.pdf36.24 KB SAP Murcia nº 269/16. Antigua falta art. 631.1 CP
CIVIL LIABILITY, Horses Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Gijón 07/07/2016 2170.pdf37.66 KB SAP Gijón 287/16 Accidente monta a caballo
Companion animals / Pets, Damages, CIVIL LIABILITY, Dogs Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Zaragoza 11/11/2016 2202.pdf34.11 KB SAP Zaragoza 691/2016. Indemnización daños causados por perro
Animal health, Hunting, Production animals Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Madrid 02/03/2017 2267.pdf94.68 KB STSJ Madrid 135/2017. Autorización caza
Mistreatment of animals, Production animals, Lechones Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Almería 18/01/2018 SAP 16-2018 Almería.pdf84.77 KB SAP 16/2018 Almería
Public transport, Guide and assistance dogs, Dogs, Penalties, Animal trainers, Animal training, Animal identification, Access/Admittance with animals, Companion animals / Pets, Domestic animals, Guide dog users, Obligations, Animal assisted therapy Legislation Autonomous Communities Asturias 19/04/1995 227.doc133 KB Ley 5/1995 perros guía
Festivals, Authorization, Bullfighting and other forms of entertainment with bulls, Bulls, Slaughter, Veterinarian, Licenses, Permits Legislation Autonomous Communities Aragón 03/11/2004 266.pdf144.76 KB Decreto 223/2004 toros
Public transport, Animal trainers, Animal training, Companion animals / Pets, Domestic animals, Guide dog users, Obligations, Dogs, Guide and assistance dogs, Animal identification, Animal assisted therapy Legislation Autonomous Communities Castilla y León 01/07/1998 298.doc31 KB Ley 3/1998 perros guía
Animal health, Experimentation/Animal research, Veterinarian, Records, Slaughter Legislation Autonomous Communities País Vasco 04/07/1991 332.pdf260.83 KB Orden de 25 de junio de 1991 experimentación animales
Hunting Legislation Autonomous Communities Extremadura 23/01/2003 364.doc82 KB Ley 8/2002 caza (mod. Ley)
Permits, Birds, Authorization, Captivity, Penalties, Licenses Legislation Autonomous Communities La Rioja 21/06/2008 397.doc35.5 KB Orden 4/2008 fringílidos
Animal Collection Center, Companion animals / Pets, Domestic animals, Committees, councils and commissions, Animal protection organizations, Veterinarian, Collection/ Capture animals Legislation Autonomous Communities Comunidad de Madrid 04/02/2000 624.pdf22.71 KB Orden 162/2000 consejo animales
Committees, councils and commissions, Security, Potentially dangerous animals Legislation Autonomous Communities Cataluña 13/12/2002 464.pdf54.17 KB Orden MAB/410/2002 animales potencialmente peligrosos
Exotic animals, Wild fauna, Species, Conservation, Species catalogues Legislation Autonomous Communities Aragón 07/04/1995 639.doc54.5 KB Decreto 49/1995 catálogo

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