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Keywords Type Scope Place Date Title
Permits, Dogs, Hunting dog / pack, Captivity, Birds, Poisoned bait, Weapons, Authorization, Hunting, Confiscation /seizure, Animal training, Penalties, Licenses Legislation Autonomous Communities Cantabria 28/08/2006 582.pdf123.73 KB Ley 12/2006 caza
Wild fauna, Exotic animals, Species, Penalties, Biodiversity, Conservation Legislation Autonomous Communities Canarias 10/06/2010 787.pdf827.39 KB Ley 4/2010, de 4 de junio Catálogo
Biodiversity, Companion animals / Pets, Feral dogs, Dogs, Captivity, Wild fauna, Species Legislation Autonomous Communities Cataluña 30/12/2011 954.pdf648.4 KB Ley 9/2011 perros asilvestrados
Companion animals / Pets, Vaccination, Animal identification, Veterinarian, Dogs, Cats, Ferrets, Domestic animals Legislation Autonomous Communities Madrid 27/04/2012 991.pdf91.1 KB Resolución de 13/4/2012 vacunación e identificación
Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Ciudad Real 13/05/2013 1083.pdf26.74 KB Sentencia AP Ciudad Real; falta 631.1 CP
Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Valencia 04/04/2013 1115.pdf29.7 KB Sentencia AP Valencia; falta 631.1 CP
Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Oviedo 29/04/2013 1147.pdf29.75 KB Sentencia TSJ Oviedo; caza ilegal
Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Castellón de la Plana 07/12/2010 1217.pdf66.82 KB AAP CASTELLON 7 DIC 2010
Training, Animal welfare courses Legislation Autonomous Communities Aragón 18/10/2013 1318.pdf411.18 KB Anuncio sobre cursos y formación
Dogs, Criminal Code, Owners of animals, Abandonment Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Segovia 04/02/2014 1355.pdf30.57 KB SAP SG 5/2014; Apropiación indebida
Criminal Code, Injuries Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities León 10/09/2014 1485.pdf32.31 KB SAP León 432/2014; Falta contra los intereses generales, lesiones por imprudencia, art. 631 CP
CONTENTIOUS ADMINISTRATIVE PROCEEDINGS, Hunting Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Burgos 26/01/2015 1517.pdf65.95 KB STSJ CL 81/2015; caza
Wild fauna, Hunting, Offenses and Crime Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Comunidad Valenciana 24/09/2014 1550.pdf35.38 KB SAP Castellón 334/2014; caza no selectiva
CIVIL LIABILITY, Damages, Hunting ground Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Toledo 03/03/2015 1582.pdf29.09 KB SAP Toledo 62/2015. Responsabilidad por daños de animales de coto
Mistreatment of animals, Criminal Code Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Cuenca 17/02/2015 1614.pdf30.33 KB SAP Cuenca 20/2015. Falta de maltrato animal
Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Cáceres 01/04/2015 1647.pdf30.77 KB SAP 144/2015 Cáceres mordedura de perro
Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Gijón 30/04/2015 1679.pdf27.72 KB SAP Gijón 69/2015 Animal feroz o dañino
Pigs, Offenses and Crime, Mistreatment of animals Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Burgos 06/05/2015 1711.pdf40.03 KB SAP Burgos 176/2015, de 6 de mayo
Criminal Code, Hunting, Offenses and Crime Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities A Coruña 27/05/2015 1744.pdf28.9 KB SAP A Coruña 322/2015, de 27 de mayo
Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Badajoz 04/06/2015 1777.pdf48.4 KB SAP Badajoz 46/2015, de 4 de junio. Custodia compartida perro
Damages, Dogs Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Cuenca 21/09/2015 1810.pdf30.67 KB SAP78/15 Cuenca Suelta de animales feroces
Dogs, Injuries Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Palma 04/09/2015 1843.pdf27.04 KB SAP Palma Mallorca 148/2015. Falta lesiones art. 631 CP
Offenses and Crime, Domestic animals, Criminal Code, Dogs Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Madrid 21/07/2015 1875.pdf36.31 KB SAP Madrid nº 658/2015. Delito relativo protección animales domésticos
Injuries, Criminal Code, Dogs, Potentially dangerous animals Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Madrid 10/12/2015 1908.pdf30.63 KB SAP Madrid nº 297/2015. Falta del art. 631.1 CP
Dogs, Companion animals / Pets Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Madrid 22/01/2016 1940.pdf37.11 KB SAP Madrid nº 36/2016. Falta amenazas art. 620.2 del CP

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