PAAWA Conference 2013, Kenya 2-4 Sept 2013 'Mainstreaming Welfare in Africa's Development'

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The Pan African Animal Welfare Alliance (PAAWA) (, is the first African organization whose objective is to contribute to the development of animal protection and animal welfare across the entire African continent.

Highlighted among its objectives are the promotion of scientific studies about animal welfare in Africa, stimulating education regarding animals and their interests in all levels of education, the development of Animal Law and a network of organizations that form solid connections in the African continent in defense of animal interests through the legislation and development of Animal Law.

For this purpose, they are organized an International Conference from September 2-4, 2013, with a program of great interest and quality, both for the topics covered as well as for the participants in this important event.

From here, and especially from the Research Group ADS-UAB and from the Master in Animal Law and Society, we welcome this initiative and give our academic and scientific support to the organizers and participants.

Documents: Program, Registration form, General info

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