International Symposium Animal Suffering: From science to the right. Paris 18-19 october 2012

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Program of the International Symposium LFDA / GRIDA. Paris 18-19 October 2012. OIE


Day 1 (Oct. 18th)

8 pm: Opening reception

9: 10 Welcome. Thierry AUFFRET VAN DER KEMP (General Coordinator of symposium, Director of LFDA)

9: 20 General introduction Conference. Louis SCHWEITZER (President of the LFDA)

Session I

Pain sensation under the lens of a biologist: what evidence a trial?

9: 30 Introduction: The degree of sensitivity in the animal world and their identification Scientific. Dr. Georges CHAPOUTHIER (CNRS, LFDA) and Dr. Dalila BOVET (University of Paris X Nanterre, LFDA, France)

9: 50 Assessment and treatment of pain in vertebrates Pr Victoria BRAITHWAITE (Pennsylvania State University, USA)

10: 10 How do mammals can they suffer?. Professor Daniel WEARY (University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada)

10: 30 Break

10: 40 Is there evidence of a nerve center of pain in birds? Professor Christine NICOL (University of Bristol, UK)

11: 00 The pain in reptiles. ?

11: 20 The ethical implications of a model to study pain in amphibians? Professor Craig STEVENS (Oklahoma State University, Tulsa, USA)

11: 40 Lunch break

14: 30 The sensation of pain and fear do they exist in fish? Dr. Lynne SNEDDON (University of Liverpool. UK)

14: 50 From experiments on the behavior we can deduce that the shellfish experience pain? Dr. Robert ELWOOD (Queen's University, Belfast, UK)

15: 10 Octopuses they feel the pain and suffering? Dr. Jennifer MATHER (University of Lethbridge, Canada)

15h 30 Break

15: 40 The welfare of invertebrates: insects, spiders, snails and worms. Dr. Donald BROOM (University of Cambridge, UK)

16: 00 The painful animal experiments: an ethical dilemma facing science and law. Dr. Georges CHAPOUTHIER (CNRS, LFDA, Paris, France)

16: 20 Sensitivity animal at the intersection of philosophy, science and law: convergences and difficulties. Professor Jean-Luc GUICHET (University of Picardie, CNRS-Université de Bourgogne, LFDA, France)

16: 40 General Discussion

17: 00 Conclusion of the session I. Professor Alain COLLENOT (Vice-President LFDA)

17h: 20 Closing Session I

Second day (October 19th)

8: 30 Opening reception

Session II

Pain and suffering of the animal in the scales of justice: sensitivities of law in the world

9 h 10 Welcome. Prof. Martine LACHANCE (University of Quebec at Montréal, Director of GRIDA, Canada)

9: 20 Introduction: From science to the law, what diversity of legal approaches to sensitivity painful animals? Jean-Marie COULON, (Honorary First President to the Court of Appeal Paris, France)

9: 40 The oxen, the yoke and plow? Science, Ethics and Law in what order? Professor Jean-Claude NOUET, Honorary President and cofounder of the LFDA, Paris, France)

10: 00 The improvement of animal welfare in the world - the contribution of the Organization World Animal Health (OIE). Dr Bernard Vallat (Director General of the OIE, Paris, France)

10: 20 The pain of the animals and the law of the European Union for animal welfare. Dr. Andrea GAVINELLI, (head unit "Animal Welfare", European Commission DG SANCO, Brussels, Belgium)

10: 40 Some sensitive and advanced copies of animal rights in seven European nations (Austria, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Luxembourg, Sweden and Switzerland). Dr Muriel FALAISE (University of Lyon 3, France)

11: 00 The sensitivity of the animal in French law: the force of words to effective sanctions. Dr. Sonia DESMOULINS (CNRS-University Paris 1)

11: 20 Break

11: 30 Animal suffering in Canadian criminal law: tolerance or indifference? Prof. Martine LACHANCE (University of Quebec at Montréal, Director of GRIDA, Canada)

11: 50 U.S. law he is attentive to the suffering of animals?. Pr Taimie BRYANT (University of California, Los Angeles, USA)

12: 10 Lunch break

14: 30 The rationality of animal suffering in Australian law: the end justifies the means. Professor Steven WHITE (Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia)

14: 50 Animals and the Law in South America: an evolving legal landscape. Professor David CASSUTO (Pace Law School, White Plains, NY, USA)

15: 10 Animal Suffering and regulations compared to a few specific sociocultural practices in European countries. Professor Maria-Teresa GIMÉNEZ-CANDELA, (Universitat Autònoma Barcelona, Spain)

15: 30 The legal consideration of pain and suffering of wild animals in their interactions with humans. Professor David FAVRE (Michigan State University, East Lansing, USA)

15: 50 Break

16: 10 The sensitivity of the animal in the right of the future Dr. Antoine GOESTSHEL (Lawyer in Animal Law, Zurich, Switzerland)

16: 30 Discussion

16: 50 Conclusion of the session II. Louis SCHWEITZER (President of the Foundation LFDA)

17: 10 Summary of the symposium (President of the Foundation LFDA)

17: 30 Closing



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