EGALS: Official inaugural act in París 18-19 april

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On 18 April, the founding members of the EuroGroup for Animal Law Studies (EGALS): Mr. Louis Schweitzer (Fondation Droit Animal, Éthique et Sciences [Animal Law Foundation, Ethics and Sciences] -LFDA-); Professor Dr. Teresa Giménez-Candela (Faculty of Law, Autonomous University of Barcelona); Professor Dr. Anne Peters (Faculty of Law, University of Basel) and Dr. Margot Michel (Faculty of Law, University of Zurich) will gather in a working session in Paris, where they will discuss topics such as the preparation of the 2014 European Annual Animal Law Conference in the Faculty of Law in the University of Basel.

On 19 April, the inaugural ceremony for the official launch of EGALS will take place. The ceremony will occur in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Paris. This prestigious location highlights the international importance of the group.

On behalf of the Research Group, Animals Law and Society (ADS/ALS) and the Master in Animal Law and Society, as founding members of EGALS, a delegation formed by Professor Dr. Teresa Giménez-Candela and the Student and Academic Coordinators, Mr. Carlos Andrés Contreras López and Mr. Daniel Parsons, will attend the meeting.

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