Animal Rights Conference 2018, ‘Strengthening the Movement’ organized by FARM in Los Angeles, California, from 28th of June till 1st of July 2018

Author: Marine Lercier, Student of the 6th edition of the Master in Animal Law and Society of the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Researcher at ICALP (International Center for Animal Law and Policy), PhD student in Animal Law (Global Law and Human Security) and Research Professor in Training at the Faculty of Law of the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Editor-Assistant of the Legal Review dA. Derecho Animal (Forum of Animal Law Studies)

The Animal Rights Conference of 2018, ‘Strengthening the Movement’, took place from June 28th till July 1st of 2018 at the Sheraton Gateway Hotel in Los Angeles, California. Organized by the Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM) and sponsored by many of the most influent in the USA and worldwide, and human-animal world-changing organizations, it has been the opportunity to approach animal rights from a new, multilayered perspective, recognizing the variety of paths to advance the rights of animals.

Focused on the many strategies of activism and advocacy in favor of animals’ interests, the conference highlighted and answered many of the challenges the movement will have to face in the future, while giving confidence in that new technologies and research are making the transition to an animal cruelty-free world possible, in light of the calls for better consideration and protection of animals worldwide.

Keywords: Animal Rights Conference 2018; animal rights; activism; FARM; animal rights movement; animal defense organizations; social justice; intersectionality of animal rights; animal law challenges; future of animal rights; promotion strategies of animal rights; animal abuse; animal exploitation; Dominion; veganism; cruelty-free; plant-based alternatives; ‘clean meat’; compassion towards animals; sentient beings; animal dignity; awareness, someone, not something; speciesism; web of oppression; animal protection; human right to information; iAnimal

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